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LIAF 2016 open for entries LIAF-2015-Slides-Best-of-the-Festival-Award LIAF 2016 open for entries /LIAF-2015-Slides-Best-British-Film-Award
LIAF 2016 Open For Entries - Download your entry form here
Best of the Festival - Torill Kove's Me and My Moulton awarded Best of the Festival LIAF 2015, sponsored by Toon Boom Find out more
LIAF 2016 Open For Entries - Download your entry form here
Best British Film - Phil Mulloy's End Game receives the award for Best British Film, sponsored by MMBF

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LIAF 2015: Best Abstract Film – Behind the Scenes with the Jury

A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time, Max Hattler, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

This year Jonathan Hodgson, Ton Crone and Riccardo Iacono formed our Jury for the Best Abstract Animation Award. Read on to find out what our much-learned judges had to say about the winning film Steven Subotnick's Line and why they ultimately awarded it the LIAF 2015 Abstract Film Award. But before you do Jonathan, Ton and Riccardo wanted to make Special Mention of ...

LIAF 2015: And the winner is…

Me and My Moulton, Torill Kove, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Best of the Festival Award: Me and My Moulton (Torill Kove, Canada/Norway) The latest beautifully crafted short from Oscar-winner Torill Kove tracing a young girl’s journey around her creative, unconventional and loving but hopelessly out-of-touch parents. 14’00, 2014 Best British Film Award: Endgame (Phil Mulloy, UK) After a tough week at the office, Richard and George like to play war ...

We’ve Explored ‘Being Human’, ‘Into the Dark’ and ‘Looking for Answers’, Time to go ‘Below the Surface’

Cesar Diaz Melendez, Zepo, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Welcome to International Competition Programme 6: Below the Surface - our 6th curation for LIAF 2015 competition programmes, and your 6th opportunity to vote for your favourite animation and tell us why. Please do keep picking up those voting forms and giving us your much-valued feedback. We read every single form, digest each one with our pondering caps ...

Being Human

Amelia And Duarte, Alice Guimaraes & Monica Santos, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

An introduction to International Competition Programme 2: Being Human, with extra info about some of the films screening, some trailers and lots of pics! Being Human screens 6pm, Sun 7 Dec. At Barbican book tickets Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do well. Pixilation is an animation technique that has fooled many an animating hopeful into ...

UK Premiere of Jan Balej’s Little From The Fish Shop

Little from the Fish Shop, Jan Balej, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

On Sunday 5pm we'll be screening the UK Premiere of Jan Balej's animated feature based on the classic fairytale 'The Little Mermaid. At Barbican book tickets Little From The Fish Shop (Jan Balej, Czech Republic) One day the Sea King and his family find themselves forced to move from their home deep underneath the surface of the sea ...

Abstract Showcase: Animation in it’s Purest Form

Minotaur, Munro Ferguson, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

As always, there is much brewing away in the cauldron of abstract and experimental animation the world over. No programme gets more curatorial attention (nor more feedback) than this one. LIAF’s commitment to this type of animation is more or less unique among the family of international animation festivals. It is not always the most ...