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LIAF at The Barbican Gallery’s Animation Exhibition

Watch Me Move

As part of The Barbican’s ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’ this Summer, LIAF will be curating four very special sessions. Here’s a sneak preview of each…

Learn more about ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’, at the the Barbican.

Andrew Osmond introduces ‘The Bug Trainer’.

The Bug Trainer

The Bug Trainer – Rasa Miskinyte

Writer Andrew Osmond, author of the essential new guide 100 Animated Feature Films (2011), shares his rich insights into the history of animation and introduces one of film’s most forgotten geniuses; Ladislas Starewicz.

A celebration of the pioneer of puppet animation Ladislas Starewicz, considered one of the greatest animation creators in the world. LIAF has selected his two most acclaimed short films: ‘The Cameraman’s Revenge’ (1912) and ‘The Frogs That Demand a King’ aka ‘Frogland’ (1922) to be screened along with ‘The Bug Trainer’ (2008) an amazing feature, directed by Rasa Miskinyte, exploring the creative ideas of this legendary animator.

His influence is more than present in the work of Tim Burton – and Terry Gilliam picked the Starewicz film ‘The Mascot’ (1934) as one of the ten best animated films ever made. Starewicz practically invented the genre of stop-motion and should still, after a century, be regarded as a master, a true pioneer and visionary in the genre.

Thursday, 30th June at 18:30, screening at 19:30.

Best of the Fest… Ever!

Best of the Fest

LIAF presents the Best of the Fest… Ever! LIAF has been screening the world’s best animated films for the last seven years.

We’ve received more than 10,000 entries, screened more than 1,500 films and had some of the most talented animators in the world come and hang out with us.

In celebration of moving to our new venue; The Barbican, we have put together a very special session of the ten best films that have ever screened at LIAF… in our opinion! See if you agree. Expect to see Kermit-like frogs, a rare John Lennon homage, notorious teen abuse, a 152 year old man and much more.

Tuesday 5th July.

Polish School of Animation – A Four Part Retrospective.

Etuda and Anima

Polish animation holds a very special position in the hearts of all fans of classic animation.

Polish animation has been described as containing “a sense of absurdity, surrealism and anguished settings”. All true, but to this could also be added a love of complex, adult fairytales and a willingness to take the best from western and eastern visual influences.

The names of the finest Polish animators stand high on any list of master animators. Jan Lenica, Jerzy Kucia, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Piotr Dumala and Walerian Borowczyk and many more are represented in this comprehensive four programme retrospective, co-presented by Etiuda & Anima, Poland and the London International Animation Festival.

Thursday 14th July.

Icons of Puppet Animation.

The Hand – Jiri Trnka

The Hand – Jiri Trnka

Since the dawn of cinema, puppet animation has provided come of the most mesmerizing films ever made and puppet animators have been among the most revered.

LIAF presents an iconic collection of highlights from a century of puppet animation including ‘Kataku’ by Kihachiro Kawamoto (1979, Japan), ‘The Philips Broadcast’ by Academy Award winner George Pal (1938, Holland), ‘Pygmalion’ by Arnold Burovs (1967, Latvia) and ‘The Hand’ by Jiri Trnka (1965, Czecholslovakia), regarded by many as the greatest puppet film ever.

Thursday 21st July.

Find out more about The Barbican Gallery’s ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’.