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New Venue – The Barbican

New Venue - The Barbican

We are very excited that this year LIAF will be hosted by our new venue – The Barbican. The fact that we have a chance to directly promote animation in all of it’s wonders to a more general audience (a crossover of dance, music, theatre and arts fans) can only be good.

We have always said that animation is the greatest art form, being a hybrid of all these other arts, so we’re more than happy to have found our new home there. We hope that with the help of the Barbican’s marketing machine, the profile of LIAF will rise enormously.

June 2011 sees the opening of the ‘Watch Me Move’ Barbican Gallery exhibition, described as the most extensive animation exhibition ever mounted bringing together puppets, stage sets, background paintings, wire-frame visualisations, cel and background images. It makes sense that we are involved in the promotion of this fantastic exhibition and it’s a privilege to be asked to curate some of the screening programmes that will run alongside it. So, during June and July you can look forward to retrospectives and discussions of classic Polish animation, icons of puppet animation and a special look at the first stop-motion animator Ladislas Starewicz.

We’ll keep you posted with all the LIAF gallery screening details on the LIAF website.