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LIAF presents: Andrew Osmond Introduces ‘The Bug Trainer’, the Barbican

June 30, 2011
6:30 pm

Andrew Osmond Introduces ‘The Bug Trainer’ at the Barbican Gallery’s ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’

Writer Andrew Osmond, author of the essential new guide ‘100 Animated Feature Films’ (2011), shares his rich insights into the history of animation and introduces one of film’s most forgotten geniuses; Ladislas Starewicz – considered one of the greatest animation creators in the world.

LIAF has selected his two most acclaimed short films: ‘The Cameraman’s Revenge’ (1912) and ‘The Frogs That Demand a King’ aka ‘Frogland’ (1922) to be screened along with ‘The Bug Trainer’ (2008) an amazing feature, directed by Rasa Miskinyte, exploring the creative ideas of this legendary animator. His influence is more than present in the work of Tim Burton – and Terry Gilliam picked the Starewicz film ‘The Mascot’ (1934) as one of the ten best animated films ever made. Starewicz practically invented the genre of stop-motion and should still, after a century, be regarded as a master, a true pioneer and visionary in the genre.

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‘The Bug Trainer’ (Rasa Miskinyte, 2008)

The Bug Trainer

This documentary explores Starewicz’s creative ideas and concepts of his work, along with opinions from film critics and other animation directors.

Lithuania, Japan, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, 53’00

‘The Cameraman’s Revenge’ (Ladislas Starewicz, 1912)

The-cameraman's revenge

A story about infidelity among insects set in a burlesque parlour – ‘The Gay Dragonfly’.

Russia, 13’00

‘The Frogs that Demand a King’ aka ‘Frogland’ (Ladislas Starewicz, 1922)

The Frogs that demand a king

A version of Aesop’s fable about the frogs who demand a king from the god Jupiter and are disappointed by the results.

France, 9’00