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LIAF Tour: Best of the Fest 2010, Haverhill Arts Centre, Suffolk

June 22, 2011
7:30 pm

A chance to see some of the best animated films featured in last year’s Festival at Haverhill Arts Centre, Suffolk, including Bruce Lee as you’ve never seen him before and a hilarious dog eat dog story.

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‘The Small Dragon’ (Bruno Collet, 2009)

The Small Dragon

Where’s Bruce Lee when you really, really need him?

France, 8’15

‘12 Years’ (Daniel Nocke, 2010)

12 Years

For twelve years she ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake.

Germany, 4’00

‘Wings and Oars’ (Vladimir Leschiov, 2009)

Wings and Oars

A former pilot looks back over his life: the earth, the sky, the women – everything that took place on the journey from an airstrip to an abandoned boathouse.

Latvia, 5’45

‘Shoals’ (Jan Bohuslav, 2009)


Crazy stuff with cows, windmills with hands – Dali might have really liked this one.

Czech Republic, 7’45

‘Two Partridges’ (Jean Luc Greco and Catherine Buffat, 2010)

Two Partridges

A beautiful cut-out film told in song about a chaplain, a man and wife, two partridges and a big secret.

France, 6’00

‘Crocodile’ (Kaspar Jancis, 2009)


Winner – Cartoon d’Or 2010

The story of a former opera star, a fateful woman… and a crocodile.

Estonia, 17’00

‘Allons-Y! Alonzo!’ (Camille Moulin-Dupre, 2009)

Allons-Y! Alonzo!

A glorious big-screen tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo. An old man is in pursuit of a beautiful woman and dives into an animated comic strip.

France, 7’50

‘A Family Portrait’ (Joseph Pierce, 2009)

Winner – ‘Best British Film’ at LIAF 2010
Winner – ‘Best Film’ at Stuttgart Animation Festival 2010

A picture – so they say – is worth a thousand words. But which thousand words?

UK, 4’30

‘Love and Theft’ (Andreas Hykade, 2010)

Love and Theft

“And I’m still carrying the gift you gave. It’s part of me now, it’s been cherished and saved. It’ll be with me unto the grave and then unto eternity.” (Bob Dylan)

Germany, 8’00

‘Pringle of Scotland’ (David Shrigley, 2010)

Pringle of Scotland

A depiction of the making of jumpers and cardigans over the past 195-year history of the Scottish brand, Pringle.

UK, 3’11