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Focus on Poland 1 (15)

August 28, 2011
2:00 pm

Drawing from a vast culture of storytelling and fairytales, a deep well of profound historical experiences and an exposure to a multitude of artistic influences, Polish animation has a history, a depth and a diversity that few countries can hope to match.

This survey of contemporary Polish animation showcases how these various forces and influences are playing out in the first decade of the 21st century.

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‘Cos W tym gatunku’ (Urszula PalusiƄska, 2010)

Cos W tym gatunku

One of the most visually commanding films in the entire festival. A bookshelf of birds, bats, sharks and unicorns.


‘Gallery’ (Robert Proch, 2010)

GalleryThe eye of an artist, the hand of a calligrapher and the imagination of an animator all combine in this wonderfully imagined study in perspective-bending, shape-changing, black and white, moving image.


‘Virus’ (Robert Proch, 2009)


A funky, high-speed, uber-contemporary romp through the alleyways of the night.


‘Dokumanimo’ (Malgorzata Bosek, 2007)


An abstracted, full-technicolour, synchronised-ballet medley of a meal from purchase to wash up.


‘Coats’ (Ewa Grzesiak, 2009)


The subtle, unbearable weight of the strolling, faceless masses.


‘Canal’ (Paulina Bobrycz, 2008)


A soothing dive through the coral reef-like innards of a root canal gone psychedelic.


‘Uncle’ (Maciej Sznabel, 2008)


Uncle goes a bit native after a sudden electrical jolt sees him heading off to the country.


‘Underlife’ (Jaroslaw Konopka, 2010)


The cyclical nature of existence combines with the past and the future to pursue the destructive influence that ancestors have on man.


‘Danny Boy’ (Marek Skrobecki, 2010)

Danny Boy

Making connections and avoiding dangers is doubly hard when you have no head. Triply hard when nobody else does either. You’d think having one would be the best thing in the world but you’d be wrong.


‘Paths Of Hate’ (Damian Nenow, 2010)

Paths Of Hate

A simply astounding testament to the madness of war and the inhuman lengths to which some warriors are pushed into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.