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George the Hedgehog + Wojtek Wawszczyk Q&A (18)

August 29, 2011
8:15 pm

Thanks to the Polish Cultural Institute, LIAF is very proud to present one of the Co-Directors of the film Wojtek Wawszczyk who will introduce the film and join us for an onstage discussion and Q&A after the screening.

“George The Hedgehog joins the likes of Mary And Max, The Illusionist and My Dog Tulip in presenting an animated feature that’s a refreshing alternative from the offerings of Pixar and Disney.” – Screen International

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‘George the Hedgehog’ (Wojtek Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski & Tomasz Leśniak, 2011)

George the Hedgehog

Decidely for adults, ‘George The Hedgehog’ is based on the cult Polish comic book ‘Jez Jerzy’, and is a curious, scatological and enjoyable animated feature that provides a marked change from the traditional style of Polish animation.

The film follows the eponymous skateboarding protagonist as he indulges in hedonistic behaviour and enjoys an illicit relationship with Yola, a woman living a humdrum lifestyle with her dull husband. But George finds himself pursued by mad scientists and Neo-Nazi skinheads who want to clone him to create a new media sensation whereby they can control the country.

Reminiscent of a ‘Fritz The Cat’ for the 21st Century this broad and angry portrayal of a disaffected youth and a government desperate to relate to them, gives a telling insight into the modern world and lends the film a compelling edge.

Poland, 79’00