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International Programme 7: Long Shorts (15)

August 31, 2011
8:30 pm

Some films just need extra time to develop their themes, grow and draw us more comprehensively into their worlds. This competition programme is dedicated to showcasing the best of these longer films. If you find the regular competition programmes a bit of a roller coaster ride, this screening is your animation limousine.

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‘Bobby Yeah’ (Robert Morgan, 2011)

Bobby Yeah

Bobby Yeah is a petty thug who likes brawling and stealing stuff. One day he steals a creature from its dangerous owners, and finds himself in a lot of trouble. He really should learn, but he just can’t help himself…

UK, 23’00

‘Journey To Cape Verde’ (Jose Miguel Ribeiro, 2010)

Journey To Cape Verde

A sixty-day-long walk in Cape Verde. No mobile phone, no watch, no plans for what to do next – only the bare essentials in the backpack.

Portugal, 17’00

‘Babel’ (Director/Producer Henrick Dusollier, 2010)


From the Celestial mountains to the peaks of Shanghai’s towers, two young peasants leave their village to get to the metropolis, at any cost.

France, 15’00

‘Masks’ (The Brothers Quay, 2011)


The puppet-masters return. An adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s novel, set in a technologically developed but, at the same time, feudal world.

Poland, 23’30

‘The External World’ (David O’Reilly, 2010)

The External World

A boy learns to play the piano – the hard way. Digital surrealism laced with abstract absurdities conjures up a universe that is difficult to explain or understand.

Germany, 14’55