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International Programme 8: Supinfocom is Back! (15)

August 31, 2011
6:30 pm

Year after year, France’s ‘Supinfocom’ school sends us stunning graduation reels. But last year their reel was absent because they switched from a four-year course to a five-year course. So with their final year behind them, here they are again – launching with a vengeance!

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‘Slim Time’ (Bertrand Avril, Pierre Chomarat, David Dangin & Thea Matland, 2010)

Slim Time

Kicking the programme off in style – an exquisite homage to Jacques Tati and the elegant cinematic visuality he gave us.

France, 7’55

‘Split’ (Lucie Casale, Justine Dubreux, Maxence Hyerneaux & Abel Kohen, 2010)


A complex world of domino creatures that manoeuvre, construct and disintegrate in suspended 3D space.

France, 4’53

‘Meet Buck’ (Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent E. Sousa & Laurent Monneron, 2010)

Meet Buck

Meet Buck. He’s a pretty stylish guy – for a deer! His new girlfriend thinks he’s pretty cool too. Pity her Dad is a rifle-toting, redneck hunter with a wall covered in trophies.

France, 4’16

‘Hambuster’ (Paul Alexandre, Dara Cazamea, Maxime Cazaux, Romain Delaunay & Bruno Ortolland, 2010)


Burger bites man (and swallows baby). Homicidal maniacs between two sesame seed buns. The burgers are mad as hell and they ain’t gonna take it any more.

France, 6’50

‘Aleksandr’ (Remy Dereux, Maxime Hibon, Juliette Klauser, Raphaelle Ranson & Louise Seynhaeve, 2010)


A wondrous world of unrestrained magic as the citizens of a little city hanging in the sky do battle with the black giant that tries to climb a stack of crystals to bring them down to earth.

France, 5’20

‘8 Bits’ (Valere Amirault, Jean Delaunay, Sarah Laufer & Benjamin Mattern, 2010)

8 Bits

A study in statuesque malevolence. The game master stands high above on his stage using his megaphone to call down death and chaos to those below.

France, 7’00

‘D ‘Une Rare Crudite’ (Emilien Davaud, Jeremy Mougel & Marion Szymczak, 2010)

D 'Une Rare Crudite

An utterly spellbinding depiction of nature at work – a quiet frenzy of flourishing flora.

France, 7’40

‘Hezarfen’ (Tolga Ari, Romain Blanchet, Remy Hurlin & Chung-Yu Huang, 2010)


Every journey starts with a single step. Or, in this case, a single birdman with a sudden last-minute change of heart.

France, 3’24

‘A Kaffa’ (Joan Baz, Lionel Caruana, Margaux Demont & Bastien Martin, 2010)

A Kaffa

The essence of madness infests every dark corner of the kingdom as invasions of crabs, cockroaches and even a hovering whale threaten destruction from within, without and above.

France, 8’00

‘Botanica Liberta’ (Florian Caspar, Frederic Conil, Nicolas Malovec & Daniel Schiano, 2010)

Botanica Liberta

A band of clever, rascally succulents hits town looking for trouble and a good time.

France, 6’50

‘Telegraphics’ (Antoine Delacharlery, Leopold Parent, Lena Schneider & Thomas Thibault, 2010)


A whole new science. Using a subatomic resonance engine we generate an electromagnetic field capable of interfering with the space around us.

France, 6’47

‘Matatoro’ (Raphael Calamote, Mauro Carraro & Jeremy Pasquet, 2010)


Picasso meets Goya, they borrow a couple of ideas from Dali and recreate a seriously surreal bullfight.

France, 7’10