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SixPackFilm Tribute + Dietmar Schwartzler Q&A (15)

August 27, 2011
2:00 pm

Thanks to the Austrian Cultural Foundation

Wander down a certain street in Vienna, ring the bell marked ‘sixpackfilm’ and enter Abstract Nirvana! Often challenging and uncompromising, ‘sixpackfilm’ titles are at the forefront of abstract and experimental animation and this programme reaches into their archive treasure trove.

Please note this programme includes films with strobe effects.

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‘G.S.I.L vi / almada’ (lia, 2001)

G.S.I.L vi / almada

Though built around the music of ‘@c’, this piece autonomously explores the visual context of the music.


‘Transistor’ (Michaela Schwentner, 2000)


A visual staccato adventure, set to short, choppy segments of noise fragments, revealing the underlying interface at which graphic and acoustic elements have always overlapped.


‘Spatial Lines’ (Tinhoko, 2001)

Spatial Lines

Imagery drawn from three continents constantly change colour and format and are deformed by the ‘planimetric’ animation process employed by Tinhoko.


‘.airE’ (Maia Gusberti, 2001)


Using a journey along electric powerlines, the filmmaker creates an essay on abstraction by subverting simple, everyday perceptions.


‘Paths of G’ (Dietmar Offenhuber, 2006)

Paths of G

A fragment of Kubrick’s ‘Paths of Glory’ is rendered down to its most elemental components of dialogue and imagery.


‘Wieder Holung’ (Nana Swiczinsky, 1997)

Weider Holung

A visceral, meandering nightmare that oscillates between apocalyptical fantasies and the commonplace. Part documentary, part observational, part alternative universe.


‘Chronomops’ (Tina Frank, 2005)


The doors open on to a shimmering, colourful space that is simultaneously an excess of colour, a frenzy of perception and a pop carousel.


‘Can I Have 2 Minutes Of Your Time?’ (Brigitta Bodenauer, 2005)

Can I Have 2 Minutes Of Your Time?

A cubist reinterpretation of the forward movement of time (two minutes to be precise) as depicted by the progression of a clock’s hands.


‘Tester’ (Michaela Schwentner, 2004)


Fractures in a soundscape are accentuated on screen as various tableaus are scanned, framed and re-sequenced through windows of varying dimensions.


‘Unterwerk’ (Dariusz Kowalski, 2000)


Superimposed horizontal and vertical patterns in rich, dark colours pursue Paul Virilio’s ‘nihilism of speed’.


‘_relifted’ (Tinhoko, 2000)


As in dreams (or the processes of memory) various levels of thinking, knowing and feeling fuse; they intensify and transform into mysterious symbols.


‘notdef./version one’ (Maia Gusberti, 2000)

notdef./version one

An intentional and focused exercise in animating associations. Wild geometric growth from the interior of the machine.


‘< rewind >’ (n:ja, 2000)

A visually symbiotic relationship with Ruckenwind – a piece of experimental music from unique Viennese electronica duo Shabotinski.