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International Panorama 1

September 2, 2011
7:00 pm

The Panoramas are a great chance for us to show films that didn’t make it into competition for one reason or another – maybe they arrived late, maybe they just couldn’t pull off a consensus with the jury or maybe whoever has their hands on the levers around here just thought they should screen regardless of what the jury said.

25 films spread out over 3 bite-size, friendly, 45-minute sessions at our satellite venue, The Horse Hospital. This session is the first of those three and remember, one ticket entitles you to see them all.

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‘Perspective’ (Monika Rohner, 2010)


Following the moon to escape the concrete jungle, a girl sends her imaginary alter ego into a fantastically coloured land with no shadows.

Switzerland, 4’06

‘Luis’ (Cristobal Leon, Niles Atallah & Joaquin Cocina, 2009)


Luis talks about his life in the forest and his relationship with Lucía as charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard shift around him to create a scary and perplexing mess.

Chile, 3’50

‘City Trip’ (Gerben Aqterberg, Jasper Bos, Emma Hazenak & Daniel Oliveira Prins, 2010)

City Trip

An eleven person ‘anijam’ par excellence. 11 animators working in relay with nothing but a soundtrack and the last frame from the animator before them to explore the theme ‘city trip’.

Holland, 6’00

‘And If’ (Sandra Santos, 2010)

And If

Two hesitant human beings work in an office. What if they should meet?

Portugal, 7’00

‘This Is Love’ (Lei Lei, 2010)

This Is Love

Prolific, high-energy Chinese animator Lei Lei returns with a high-speed, high-impact, brightly coloured exposé on the intricacies of love.

China, 3’00

‘The Polish Language’ (Alice Lyons & Orla McHardy, 2010)

The Polish Language

A playful and solemn film-poem dealing with the sensuality, beauty and power of language.

Ireland, 8’00

‘My Childhood Mystery Tree’ (Natalia Mirzoyan, 2010)

My Childhood Mystery Tree

A small boy searches for his teddy bear and discovers a place of lost childhood dreams.

Russia, 10’20

‘R-XYZ’ (Joana Toste, 2010)

R-XYZA short, colourful search for the real origins of life’s pathologies.

Portugal, 4’00