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International Panorama 2

September 2, 2011
8:00 pm

The Panoramas are a great chance for us to show films that didn’t make it into competition for one reason or another – maybe they arrived late, maybe they just couldn’t pull off a consensus with the jury or maybe whoever has their hands on the levers around here just thought they should screen regardless of what the jury said.

25 films spread out over 3 bite-size, friendly, 45-minute sessions at our satellite venue, The Horse Hospital. This session is the second of those three and remember, one ticket entitles you to see them all.

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‘The Death of an Insect’ (Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen, 2011)

The Death of an InsectA tragic story constructed by using dead insects gathered from forgotten attics and tool sheds, between window panels and cobwebs.

Finland, 7’00

‘How Your Money Works’ (Musclebeaver, 2010)

How Your Money WorksHow do you think your money works for you? Let Musclebeaver tell you.

Germany, 3’45

‘Malban’ (Elodie Boudec, 2009)

MalbanA girl, Claude, is on holiday with her mother and brother in their house near the sea. One night, the sudden visit of an unknown man confronts Claude….

France, 9’00

‘Sorry Film Not Ready’ (Janet Perlman, 2010)

Sorry Film Not Ready

A dramatic interplay between an ear of corn, a space monster, a hammer and a platypus made by accident while creating experimental animation invisible to the naked eye.

Canada, 1’00

‘Pivot’ (Andre Bergs, 2010)


When a man is witness to a murder and takes pictures of the killer, he has to run for his life in this ultra-stylish thriller.

Holland, 5’00

‘Yonder’ (Emilia Forstreuter, 2010)


An alternate world of seemingly basic shapes, cells and organisms that seem foreign yet at the same time familiar.

Germany, 3’20

‘Once Only’ (Nuno Amorim, 2010)

Once Only

If all this were not a lie, if I were awake when I went there, I wouldn’t have to learn everything again, every single day.

Portugal, 5’40

‘Love Patate’ (Gilles Curelier, 2010)

Love PatateSome french fries, a love triangle, a potato with a scar, a huge nose, the North of France and a bunny…

France, 14’00