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International Panorama 3

September 2, 2011
9:00 pm

The Panoramas are a great chance for us to show films that didn’t make it into competition for one reason or another – maybe they arrived late, maybe they just couldn’t pull off a consensus with the jury or maybe whoever has their hands on the levers around here just thought they should screen regardless of what the jury said.

25 films spread out over 3 bite-size, friendly, 45-minute sessions at our satellite venue, The Horse Hospital. This session is the third of those three and remember, one ticket entitles you to see them all.

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‘Journey to the Sunflower Field’ (Alexandre Sigueira, 2011)

Journey to the Sunflower Field

Nicolas, a five-year-old child, is victim of an accident when playing with his kite.

France, 4’15

‘Counting Sheep’ (Neely Goniodsky, 2011)

A man escapes the everyday, in order to chase a fleeting dream. Whenever he approaches it, it retreats, remaining forever a step away.

Canada, 7’00

‘Lucia’ (Cristobal Leon, Niles Atallah & Joaquin Cocina, 2009)


Lucía remembers the summer in which she fell in love with Luis. Poor, sweet Lucia.

Chile, 3’50

‘Swimming Pool’ (Alexandra Hetmerova, 2010)

Swimming Pool
A sweet tale of night swimming, water ballet and rule breaking.

Czech Republic, 6’34


‘Construction’ (Mira Mizui, 2010)

The latest example of Mizui’s intense, rhythmical, almost overwhelming abstractions.

Japan, 3’15

‘Dog Walking Ground’ (Leonid Shmelkov, 2010)

Dog Walking Ground

An automated pooper scooper observes the habits of dog walkers and their dogs.

Russia, 8’00

‘Jumping Puddles’ (Scott Peters, 2010)

Jumping Puddles

Two narratives merge to create a third – a young boy rides his bike through the early morning air to cross paths with a freight train as the audio delivers a story of warfare in a distant jungle.

USA, 2’00

‘The Play of Silence’ (Virginia Mori, 2010)

The Play of Silence

A girl is playing alone, she loses, she hides and tries to be re-born.

Italy, 3’30

‘Noises’ (Thibault Petrissans, 2009)


Why are all the noises of the world found in the house of just one man?

France, 4’09