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LIAF Day 2: 5 Programmes & Theodore Ushev Masterclass

Yesterdays ‘SixPackFilm Tribute’ had the added bonus of a Q&A with Dietmar Schwarzler (one of the ‘big three’ that run SixPackFilm). Dietmar (who’s also part of the judges panel at this year’s LIAF), spoke about the thriving experimental and abstract scene in Austria and how he suspects this is a response to the right wing government that came into power there some ten years ago.¬†Amongst other things, he also gave mention to the particular importance of sound and music to experimental/abstract animation. SixPackFilm do a lot of work on music videos and regularly collaborate with the DJs Kruder & Dorfmeister.

Mobile, LIAF, Verena Fels, London International Animation Festival

'Mobile' (Verena Fels) had the audience applauding


‘Siggraph Highlights’ were as well received as ever. Worth a mention is the round of applause in response to the showing of ‘Mobile’ (Verena Fels) – it’s always a special moment at LIAF when a audience reaction just has to be expressed there and then.


Meanwhile, Theodore Ushev (who had touched down on a flight all the way from Montreal quite literally two hours before) shared his techniques, theories and genuine mastery over a two-hour Master Class. A talented multi-tasker, participants were treated to a live painting demonstration as he mirrored techniques showing in a documentary about him on a screen to his right. His live commentary added an extra tier to an already multi-layered experience and revealed the intricacies of two of his favoured techniques.

Theodore Ushev, Masterclass, Arthur Lipsett, Lipsett Diaries, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Theodore shares his research on Arthur Lispett

Theodore Ushev, Lipsett Diaries, Arthur Lipsett, LIAF, Masterclass, London International Animation Festival

Theodore demonstrates his painting techniques

Theodore went into detail about his research into the life… and death of Arthur Lipsett (subject of his film ‘Lipsett Diaries’, screening Thurs 1 September) uncovering the uncanny fact that they both used to live in the same building. The audience were treated to images of Lipsett’s scripts, diagrams and scribblings and were given a very real glimpse into the mind of a deeply troubled soul. Theodore went on to talk about the task of filtering through the many opinions of Lipsett’s friends (ranging from crazy person to genius) and to getting to the truth to finding the real Lipsett.

And those paintings he had been working on throughout the Masterclass? …they were signed and gifted to the very, very lucky audience members.

Quote of the Masterclass (and there were many note-worthy ones) “Animation is not for repeating life, it’s for creating new life.”

Next on the agenda was the first of our International Programmes (for those of you new to LIAF, these are the competition programmes) which saw the judges set off on the first leg of their LIAF journey. Dietmar Schwarzler, Joseph Pierce and Abigail Addison joined LIAF Director Nag.

The fifth and final Programme of the day ‘New York Who’s Who’ had a very warm reception, giving a glimpse into a very NY-specific dark and irreverent humour… lots of laughing out loud.

And that concluded Day 2… FIVE Programmes, 63 films, 1 Childrens Workshop, 1 Master Class and a Q&A…