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LIAF Industry Event: Software Beware?

September 2, 2011
2:00 pmto4:30 pm

LIAF SkillsetPart of the The London International Animation Festival and Skillset Animation Industry Event.

Confused over the array of software options to develop your project? This session will discuss and contrast industry standard software to help you get the right look for your project, but it’ll also look at the animators who use software in innovative ways and push the medium. On the flipside one of the UKs most respected VFX companies will say what they use to get the job out the door- and how they inventively mix software to achieve amazing imagery. What free or open source options are out there? How easy do the software companies make it to learn and get licenses for limited periods? Is software ‘in the cloud’ the answer to all our dreams?

Speakers: Louise Hussey & Matt Lawrence (Rushes Post-Production), Rob Bradbrook (animator), Martyn Pick (animator) Martin Parsons (Double Negative), Andy Blazdell (CelAction)
Chair: Saint John Walker (Skillset)

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