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LIAF Animation Industry Event – Success!

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Zhe Wu, Larry Sider Paul Bush & Mark Ashworth discuss the 'Sound in the Frame'

The final installment of our Animation Industry Event was delivered yesterday and we have to conclude – what a success! Saint John Walker of Skillset chaired our first session of the day, ‘Making Animation Work’ which really was a quite revelatory look into some of the lesser known values of animation. Therapy, healthcare and architecture do not always spring to mind when pondering animation, but it’s fair to say that this session inspired a very responsive audience (thank you so much for your feedback forms audience members!) and a Q&A that extended into many further conversations after the session drew to a close. A particular mention should go to Melanie Hani for highlighting the therapeutic benefits to be gained from creating animation and how the process really can help the individual.

Our final installment of our Industry Event saw Larry Sider (School of Sound) chair a fascinating selection of presentations from industry professionals. Larry spoke of his collaboration with The Brothers Quay, succinctly explaining that as a sound designer you’re either “giving information or instilling emotion”. Many topics went on to be discussed including: software choices; personal working processes; sound ‘cliches’ and pet hates; the way in which different animation techniques have very different sound requirements; the varying nature of the relationships that form between Sound Designer, Foley Artists, Directors, Editors and so on – ranging from the strained, to the borderline telepathic. Particularly interesting were the different techniques that can be used to try to truly understanding images and how to communicate and interpret exactly what sounds are needed, with words. What was absolutely clear, is that sound is not just important to animation, it is vital.

Thank you so much to everybody who came and took part in this LIAF first. We’ll be doing our absolute best to make this a regular LIAF fixture – we couldn’t have hoped for a more positive response.

Thanks to:
Helen Nabarro (Head of Animation Direction, National Film and TV School)
Joan Ashworth (Head of Animation, Royal College of the Arts)
Richard Barnett (Trunk Studios)
Paul Wilkes (Escape Studios).
Louise Hussey & Matt Lawrence (Rushes Post-Production)
Rob Bradbrook (Animator)
Martyn Pick (Animator & Director)
Martin Parsons (Double Negative)
Andy Blazdell (CelAction)
Melanie Hani (Therapist)
Eleanor Bowen-Jones (NHS)
Guy Midgley (Ninja Theory)
David Bryan (VFX –Nvizible)
Hugh Macdonald (VFX–Nvizible)
Mark Ashworth (Composer & Sound Designer)
Paul Bush (Animation Director)
Zhe Wu (Sound Designer)

Special thanks to our chairs:
Saint John Walker (Skillset)
Larry Sider (School of Sound)