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LIAF so far…

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Barbican, Cinema 1

Barbican Cinema 1 Foyer - Just in case you forget why you came

So LIAF day five drew to a close yesterday, with a very well-received International Programme 4 & 5 and a great show of filmmakers coming to introduce their films: Francesca Adams who made ‘Bertie Crisp’ ; Patrick Doyon ‘Sunday’ ; Marilena Vatseris ‘The Holy Chicken of Life and Music’ and Theodore Ushev of ‘Lipsett Diaries’ fame, who has been with us since his inspirational Masterclass on day 2 of LIAF. Theodore will join us again tomorrow (Thurs 1 Sept) for a not-to-be-missed presentation, retrospective and Q&A at 20:15.


Voting forms have been pouring into the voting boxes and the Festival buzz continues to grow so it seems kind of rude not to take stock. We’re over half way through this years 10 day celebration of animation already! So far then we have screened: 2 features, over 150 animations, 5 ‘long shorts’, shown 8 International Programmes, focused on Poland… twice, had 2 incredible Masterclasses, 2 Q&As, a children’s workshop and been lucky enough to have many of this year’s filmmakers come and join us onstage to say ‘Hi’ and introduce their films. All this and we’ve still got four days of LIAF antics to come.

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Merchandise

Our amazing festival assistants checking out the merchandise

Dietmer Schwarzler, Abigail Addison, Joseph Pierce, Nag Vladermersky, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Judges Dietmar Schwarzler, Abigail Addison, Joseph Pierce and Nag Vladermersky discuss

Theodore Ushev, Nag Vladermersky, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Theodore Ushev & Festival Director Nag Vladermersky chat before Theo's Masterclass