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The First LIAF Animation Industry Event

LIAF Skillset

LIAF have been wanting to bring you an industry event for a while now, so we’re very pleased to be dipping our toes into new territory and adding an extra dimension to our Festival. Skillset have joined us to organise our first Animation Industry Event and we’ve got all-manner of topics being covered, by special guests from a wide range of very different areas. Each of them are ready to impart their knowledge and answer your questions in four carefully chosen panel sessions. Sessions one and two were Fri 2nd Sept.

The third and fourth sessions begin tomorrow (Friday 3rd) at 10:00 at the Barbican. Tickets  can be booked by calling the Barbican box office on 0845 120 7527

Making Animation Work – Animation Beyond Telly

Sat 3rd Sept, 10:00  – 12:30

Who else uses animation in their professions? This session will showcase the use of animation in other industries such as science, architecture, therapy, VFX, games and pre-visualisation. How easy is it to defect from one field to another? As TV animation work shrinks, what are the boom areas now and in the future?

Speakers: Melanie Hani (therapist), Eleanor Bowen-Jones (NHS), Guy Midgley (Ninja Theory), David Bryan (VFX –Nvizible), Hugh Macdonald (VFX–Nvizible)
Chair: Saint John Walker (Skillset)

Sound In The Frame

Sat 3 Sept, 14:00 – 16:30

Anyone who works in animation knows the impact sound and music makes to an animated project – but just how important are their contribution in the making of an animated film? This session will be a general discussion, with examples of the influence of these two elements in the creation of an animation project.

Speakers: Mark Ashworth (composer/sound designer), Andrew Barnabas (Bob and Barn), Paul Bush (animation director) Zhe Wu (Sound Designer)
Chair: Larry Sider (School of Sound)