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The latest on LIAF 2011: British Showcase, Theodore Ushev and An Industry Event

The last couple of days have seen LIAF raise the bar when it comes to serving up our dream-menu to the animation hungry.

LIAF HQ is still buzzing from an epic success with yesterday’s Barbican programmes. The British Showcase (co-presented by Shooting People) is a programme close to our hearts – it goes without saying that we’re always particularly proud to show off the latest in British animation. With so many filmmakers in attendance to introduce their films, the Cinema 1 foyer was teeming with animation talent – once identified on stage by our Director Nag, audience members were keen to chat with them after the show.

Drew Roper, The History of Denim, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

The LIAF team catch up with Drew Roper ('The History of Denim')

So without further ado, the filmmakers in question…

Emily Howells ‘Spin Span Spun’
Leo Bridie ‘Science Museum – Headroom’
Matt Oxborrow ‘Banjo String’
Darren Walsh ‘Down Your Strides
Andrew Kelleher ‘Midgets’
Drew Roper ‘The History of Denim’
Richard Phelan ‘Damned’
Bianca Ansems ‘Playing Ghosts’ (Bianca also made one of our LIAF 2011 trailers)
Daniela Negrin Ochoa ‘El Macho’ (Daniela also made one of our wonderful LIAF 2011 trailers)
Linda McCarthy ‘Hinterland’
Afarin Eghbal ‘Abuelas’

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Theodore Ushev, Malcolm Turner

LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner chairs an inciteful Theodore Ushev Q&A

The buzz in no way subsided either… far from it in fact. Next was ‘Lipsett Diaries: The incredible story of Theodore Ushev and Arthur Lipsett’. The programme was such a triumph that it warrants a separate news entry, which we’ll be bringing to you post-Festival. For now, let us just say that having the honour of bringing this programme to you won’t be easily forgotten.

Day one of our Animation Industry Event today (02 Sept) saw a joining of forces between Skillset and LIAF and had a fantastic turn-out. This is a new and very exciting venture for LIAF and one that will no doubt evolve as we digest your valued comments. A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who filled out our feedback forms – you really are helping to shape a new (and we hope) permanent resource, and aiding our fulfillment of our plans to support, deliver and promote animation.

More on our Animation Industry Event very soon…  we’re already looking forward to tomorrow’s (03 Sept) subject matter ‘Making Animation Work’ and ‘Sound in the Frame’. If you’d like to book tickets, call Barbican box office on 0845 120 7527, they are completely free, but do get in quick as they are disappearing fast.

Skillset,LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Industry Animation Event

Animation Industry Event panel: Martin Parsons (Double Negative), Saint John Walker (Skillset), Rob Bradbrook (Animator), Martyn Pick (Animation Director), Andy Blazdell (CelAction), Louise Hussey & Matt Lawrence (Rushes)

Tomorrow sees LIAF daring the logistics of a triple-venue day! We begin at 10:00 at the Barbican to commence the third instalment of our Animation Industry Event – Making Animation Work. Then at 13:30, we move to The Rio (for those of you who missed our Family Screening at the Barbican earlier on in the Festival, this is your chance to see it). Next we return to the Barbican at 14:00 for the  final session in our Industry Event, ‘Sound in the Frame’. Our Animated Documentaries session begins at the Barbican at 16:00 (our last programmed Barbican event before ‘Best of the Festival’) and a little later we’ll be migrating over to The Horse Hospital for our Music Videos session at 20:00 and just after, another of our more ‘cult’ programmes – your annual dose of  ‘obscuriosity’ ‘Late Night Bizarre’ at 22:00.