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LIAF 2013 Barbican Programmes Announced – On sale now

LIAF 2013, London International Animation Festival, 10th Anniversary

Big news, our 10th anniversary is nigh and we can now officially announce all LIAF 2013 programmes that will be screening at the Barbican. We’ll also have lots more programmes at The Horse Hospital and Rio Cinema and details for those will be released very, very soon. So in the meantime, below you’ll find a quick overview of all our Barbican-bound delights… click on through the links to find out the full details, to take a look at stills from the films and for links to get your tickets!

LIAF 2013 Barbican Events

Fri 25 Oct 18:30 LIAF 2013 Gala Opening: Persistence of Vision + Kevin Schreck Q&A
21:30 10 Comedy Animations
Sat 26 Oct 10:00 Children’s Drop-in Animation Workshop
11:00 Amazing Animations (0-6 year olds)
14:00 Sacrebleu Productions: Studio Focus
14:30 Flipbook Challenge Workshop
16:00 10 Sci-Fi Animations
19:00 International Competition Programme 1
21:00 Ülo Pikkov: Retrospective
Sun 27 Oct 11:00 Marvellous Animations (7-15 year olds)
12:00 Ülo Pikkov Masterclass -CANCELLED
14:00 Animated Documentaries
16:00 Abstract Showcase
19:00 International Competition Programme 2
21:00 International Competition Programme 3
Mon 28 Oct 19:00 International Competition Programme 4
21:00 International Competition Programme 5
Tue 29 Oct 19:00 International Competition Programme 6
20:30 International Competition Programme 7: Long Shorts
Wed 30 Oct 19:00 British Showcase
21:00 National Film Board of Canada 3d Stereoscopic Films
Thu 31 Oct 19:00 Platige Image: Studio Focus + Ola Watras Q&A (15)
21:00 10 Horror Animations
Fri 1 Nov 10:00 LIAF Animation Industry Event: Animation Breaks Out – Tax Breaks & the New Future of Animation
14:00 LIAF Animation Industry Event: Bit Players – Is Coding Creative?
Sat 2 Nov 10:00 Make a Spooky Film Workshop
10:00 LIAF Animation Industry Event: How to Become a 10-Year Old – Living Long & Prospering in Animation
12:30 Platige Image Masterclass: Creativity & Technology – A Perfect Match
14:00 LIAF Animation Industry Event: The Importance of Sound in Animation
Sun 3 Nov 18:00 Best of the Festival
20:00 Best of the Festival (Repeat)