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LIAF presents: Amazing Animations 3, Duke’s at Komedia (Picturehouse), Brighton

September 29, 2013
11:00 am

Animation, like childhood, can be full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This programme strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects and just delivers up a collection of wonderful films full of simple joys. These films are suitable for children of all ages but are specifically aimed at 5-10 year-olds.

Please check with Duke’s at Komedia for the correct start time. Tickets will be available for purchase here

Choir Tour (Edmunds Jansons, 2012)

Choir Tour, Edmunds Jansons, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA world-famous boys’ choir goes on tour. In the hands of their conductor they are obedient but when he gets trapped in an elevator they become playful children.

 Latvia, 5’15

A Girl Named Elastika (Guillaume Blanchet, 2012)

A Girl Named Elastika, Guillaume Blanchet, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalYou are not gonna’ believe your eyes!!! A whole, way-cool movie made out of nothing but pins and rubber bands.

Canada,  3’30

Sulla in Hooverland (Yoon Duck Kim, 2013)

A toy whale named Sulla finds himself inside a Hoover. There, he becomes a maestro, and inspires naughty toys to learn how to sing.

UK, 4’10

Pict-o-pict (Jacob Stallhammar, 2013)

Pict-o-pict, Jacob Stallhammar, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalNutty adventures in picto-world where all pictograms live.

Sweden, 6’40

Snap (Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere, 2012)

Snap, Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalIf you ever wanted to have the strongest tongue in the whole world, this film will show you how.

Belgium, 5’30

Macropolis (Joel Simon, 2012)

Macropolis, Joel Simon, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalTwo toys with impairments come to life, rebel and chase the factory delivery van in the hope of rejoining their friends. Lost in the unfamiliar, urban big city, they are overwhelmed by the challenge ahead.

UK, 7’00

The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy Car (Jacob Stallhammar, 2013)

The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy Car, Jacob Stallhammar, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalIn Mars’ ancient ruins live the Cats of Mars. One day a toy car lands. He only wants to work and work, he never wants to sleep or play. The cats think he’s sad, they decide to help.

Sweden, 6’40

Lost and Found (Phil Hunt, 2009)

Lost And Found, Phil Hunt, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA wondrous, epic journey that proves there’s pretty much nothing a boy and a penguin can’t do when they really, really put their mind to it.

UK, 25’00