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LIAF 2013 Launch Night & A Marvellous Micro Movie

A huge-scale production

Launch night for LIAF 2013!!! Tonight marks the beginning of our 10-day-long celebration of animation… and our 10th birthday! So we thought we’d briefly pop up for air from the final day of preparation, and basically… boast… about this brilliant LIAF promotional short film, made for us by the NFTS’s Bexie Bush.

Bexie came up with the idea for the film whilst watching an OK-Go music video. She found herself inspired to have a go at something similar. It was no mean feat and a huge-scale production.

A very busy Bexie Bush

Bexie tells us the most difficult part of the process was on the last day of the shoot when they attempted the ‘chain reaction’ – the final continuous shot of the film, showing an intricately mechanised behind-the-scenes ‘reveal’ of the LIAF film submission process. From posting a finished film – to projection on the big screen.

“My favourite part of making this short was having the opportunity to bring a cross section of NFTS talent together as a team on one film. As all the animators in our year have been very busy on their grad. films it was nice to have them around for a week helping me with this trailer and hanging out and I feel the element of fun is very evident.”

50 takes later, 40 very anxious extras saw the working shot completed. You can see the final impressive result below.

We’ll be screening this film at the beginning of our British Showcase on Wed 30 October. Find out the full programme here

Director Bexie Bush
Editor Pawel Slawek
Producer Chris Hees
Cinematographer Adrian Peckitt
Sound Design Jonas Andreas Jensen
Composing Lyndon Holland
Production Design Isobel Dunhill
Art Director Violet Elliott
Grading Ram Krishna Tripathi
Animators Effie Pappa, Rebecca Archer, Stephanie Blakey, Kasia Nalewajka
Extras: Many thanks to students at the NFTS