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LIAF presents: Aquatic Animations for Industry Insiders, Picturehouse, Hackney

February 18, 2014
3:00 pm

Take your family underwater at Hackney Picturehouse!

We’ve pulled together a selection of aquatic-themed animations for our friends at Picturehouse, as part of a free afternoon of family-friendly film, crafts and activities… all with a sea-theme! In keeping with the underwater ideas, come dressed as your favourite sea creature – there will be prizes for the best outfits!

Suitable for ages 3+, adults must be accompanied by a child (and vice versa!)

This event has been organised by the Industry Insiders team – a very talented group of 15-19 year olds who are getting an insight into the film industry with the support of Hackney Picturehouse.

Directions to Hackney Picturehouse here

Snap (Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere, 2012)

Snap, Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere, LIAF, London International Animatiion FestivalIf you ever wanted to have the strongest tongue in the whole world, this film will show you how.

Belgium, 5’30

The Mole at the Sea (Anna Kadykova, 2012)

The Mole at the Sea, Anna Kadykova, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalEveryone’s off to the seaside. Not wanting to miss out, the mole starts digging. When he gets there it’s nice and quiet with just a few crabs and a sailing boat to keep him company. But then the hordes arrive.

Russia, 5’00

The Deep (PES, 2012)

The Deep, PES, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalHere’s a look at a strange underwater world you’ll never have seen before!

USA, 1’35


Anatole’s Island (Amer Nazhri & Chris Shepherd, 2013)

Anatole's Island, Amer Nazhri, Chris Shepherd, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalAnatole, a little marmot, lives on a magic Island. When he runs into St Ignatius, the monk, Anatole finds the poor man terribly upset about his lost snake. So, Anatole sets off to try and find him bumping into many eccentric inhabitants along the way.

UK, 3’05

Sandpixies: Clouds, nothing but clouds (Ralf Kukula, 2012)

Sandpixies Clouds nothing but clouds, Ralk Kukula, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

What happens at the beach after the children have gone home? It’s when sandpixies George and Agatha wake up and go on their nightly adventures.

Germany, 5’00

Dodu The Cardboard Boy (Jose Miguel Ribeiro, 2010)

Dodu The Cardboard Boy, Jose Miguel Ribeiro, LIAF, London International Animation Festival, 2012A cardboard boy and a bottle-top ladybug living in a cardboard city escape and set sail into a deep blue moonlit sea.

Portugal, 5’00

Bottle (Kirsten Lepore, 2011)

Bottle, Kirsten Lepor, LIAF, London International Animation Festival, 2012The power to connect knows no boundaries and can’t be stopped by Mother Nature’s power of erosion.

USA, 5’25

Lost and Found (Phil Hunt, 2009)

Lost And Found, Phil Hunt, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA wondrous, epic journey that proves there’s pretty much nothing a boy and a penguin can’t do when they really, really put their mind to it.

UK, 25’00