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LIAF 2014 Animation Industry Event: Ülo Pikkov and Priit Tender present The Surrealist Roots of Estonian Animation

November 1, 2014
12:00 pm

In this presentation, Estonian animation experts Ülo Pikkov and Priit Tender investigate the relationship between surrealism and animation film.

Estonia’s survival between the West and the East is a living example of the surrealist ideal to overcome the contradictory conditions of dream and reality. 60 years of state-support has made Estonian animation more dependent on collective unconsciousness than on TV-stations or commercial agencies. It has given birth to a unique non-verbal language of images and symbols that can be now classified as one of the cornerstones of Estonia’s cultural identity.

Animators Ulo Pikkov and Priit Tender will help you to dive deep into this ocean of dreams, exposing some of its oddest creatures

Thanks to the Estonian Embassy in London.

Ülo & Pritt will also be taking part in a Q&A following our New Estonian Animation programme on 29 October.

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Ülo Pikkov

Ülo PikkovÜlo Pikkov, Associate Professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts, department of animation. He is also a writer, illustrator and animator who has directed several award-winning short animation films, including Dialogos (2008) and Body Memory (2011). He is the author of Animasophy – Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film (2010).

BODY MEMORY from Ülo Pikkov on Vimeo

Dialogos from Ülo Pikkov on Vimeo

Priit Tender

Priit TenderPriit Tender is an Estonian animator – the director, designer and writer of many short animated films. His author films are driven by surreal imagery, black humour and dark existential journeys. Priit’s films have won prizes and nominations from the most important short and animation film festivals, including Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Dresden, Fredrikstad, Utrecht etc.

Ussinuumaja / The Maggot Feeder // Trailer from Eesti Joonisfilm on Vimeo