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Daily Archives: October 26, 2014

LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner on Quickdraw Animation Society 30th


Hotel Awesome, Lasagne With A 100% Chance Of Meatballs & No Place Like Home LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner on his visit to Quickdraw Animation Society, which morphed into two incredible programmes celebrating 30 years: QAS 30th Anniversary: Impact and QAS 30th Anniversary: Retrospective Dateline, Calgary, September 14th, 2013. Walking through the door of the Quickdraw Animation Society - for ...

3 Days in Paris by Malcolm Turner

3 Days in Paris, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner shares his 3 days in Paris... 3 Days in Paris - New programme 3 Days in Paris - Historical programme I’m a city lovin’ guy that doesn’t really like cities that much. I love wide open spaces but I hate the fact that there is nothing in them. As habitats, cities offer their inmates ...