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LIAF 2014 Late Night Macabre

October 29, 2014
9:00 pm

If ever there was evidence that animation is a lot more than cute kids stories, this fearsome collection of the best truly haunted animated visions is most definitely it. LIAF received almost 2,600 entries this year and a good number of them were screams from the other side, the result of the filmmaker turning the dial to ‘macabre’ and unleashing the powerfully imaginative toolkit that animation offers to explore an almost unimaginable, undefinable series of pathways. Afficionados of the bizarre will revel in this collection of possessed pathways. Close the doors, turn off the lights, and hope you’re not locked in for the night.

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Placement Of The Grain
 (Mitchel A. Kraft
, Canada)

Placement Of The Grain
, Mitchel A. Kraft, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalWe all know we are living in a cage, we all know larger hands control us and the world we try to navigate, but seeing it writ large in chromium black and white is the stuff of nightmares.

2’50 2013

 (Tim Tracey
, Canada)

, Tim Tracey,LIAF, London International Animation Festival
In a dystopian hall of manufacture where the industrialisation of life raises the spectre of a revolt of hybrids, the one with the knife is not always the most dangerous creature in the frame.

6’30 2012

Endtrip (Koen De Mol, Olivier Ballast & Rick Franssen, Netherlands)

Endtrip, Koen De Mol, Olivier Ballast, Rick Franssen, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconsciousness of a drug overdosed girl – a glimpse into the extraordinary and strange workings of the mind.

5’10 2013

A Wolf in the Tree (Jiaxing Lin, China)

A Wolf In The Tree, Jiaxing Lin, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA woman and a wolf mingle their uncertain worlds of ambiguities in a search for their separate, but entwined, fates.

9’30 2012

An Errand
 (Ghim Naheun
, South Korea)

An Errand
, Ghim Naheun, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA young boy makes the mistake of entering the grocery store stocked full of the most ghoulish supplies. And yet, the apparently kindly grocer has an option for everything on his list.

3’50 2013

The Gate
 (Matt Westrup
, UK)

image-on-its-waySomething has gone wrong. Medicines bought online have brought about distinctly unintended consequences and a mess has to be cleaned up. But what – exactly – is the real mess?

11’42 2013

Incredulous Voice (Inês Freitas & Miguel Mendes, Portugal)

image-on-its-way“It’s always them, them, them. Can’t you see it’s you”! These interrogators may think they have the upper hand but they have no idea who they are really dealing with.

6’18 2012

Leviathan Ages (Jon Yeo, UK)

Leviathan Ages, Jon Yeo, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe rise of long buried and forgotten stone idols brings on the destruction of everything that previously depended on the accepted laws of physics for their place under the sun.

3’33 2013

Sewing Woman (Woo Jin, South Korea)

Sewing Woman, Woo Jin, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalEveryone has their job to do, a role that gives them value and helps them make a contribution. The sewing woman however, has been cursed with one the more chilling imaginable.


Moonshine (Michal Poniedzielski, Poland)

Moonshine, Michal Poniedzielski, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalWith Toms Waits wail about fighting the devil in the background, a young boy lost in a midnight forest finds himself the prey of everything Lucifer can summons to the chase.

10’13 2013

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The Maggot Feeder
 (Priit Tender
, Estonia)

The Maggot Feeder, Priit Tender, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalDrawing heavily from the ancient Chukchi folktale, this is a journey squeezed at great pressure through some of the tightest, most heavily protected cracks of the human psyche.

15’28 2012