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LIAF 2015: Animated Documentaries + Q&A (15)

December 9, 2015
9:00 pm

Persuasive, illustrative and able to get over abstract details in attractive and compelling ways, animation is the perfect tool to document someone’s vision of the truth. These films – a selection of stylish and compelling short documentaries contain beautifully realised sequences and some of the most provocative images of LIAF 2015.

Join us after the screening for a Q&A with Emma Calder and Richard Wright (Everyone is Waiting for Something to Happen) and Martin Pickles (Ode to Joy and What is Animation?)

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Everyone is waiting for something to happen. (Emma Calder, UK)

Everyone is waiting for something to happen, Emma Calder, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalPrior to being diagnosed with bowel cancer Richard Wright, an artist/animator, had a social media persona that was characterised by annoying and anarchic humour. This is his story.

7’35, 2015


The Beast Inside (Drew Christie, USA)

The Beast Inside, Drew Christie, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA homeless teenager describes his challenges and celebrates the triumph of his creative self.

4’00, 2014


Baba (Joel Kefali, New Zealand)

Baba, Joel Kefali, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA migrant reflects on the bad books, sausage rolls, social dance etiquette and the angst about capital punishment that he found when he arrived in his new home all those years ago

3’20, 2014

Food (Siqi Song, China/USA)

Food, Siqi Song, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalIf food could talk about their own food choices this is what they would say.

3’30, 2014


Me and My Moulton (Torill Kove, Canada/Norway)

Me and My Moulton, Torill Kove, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe story of a young girl growing up in Norway and her creative, unconventional and loving but hopelessly out-of-touch parents.

14’00, 2014

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Ode to Joy (Martin Pickles, UK)

Ode to Joy, Martin Pickles, LIAF International Animation FestivalA short introduction to the life and work of animator Joy Batchelor on the hundredth anniversary of her birth, a crucial figure in British animation.

3’50, 2014


A Portrait (Aristotelis Maragkos, Greece)

A Portrait, Aristotelis Maragkos, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA line drawing elegantly describes the filmmakers grandfather’s life and death.

2’15, 2014


Psychedelic Blues (Drew Christie, USA)

Psychedelic Blues, Drew Christie, LIAF, London International Animation Festival“I got my psychedelic feet and my psychedelic shoes, I believe Lord O’Mama I got the psychedelic blues” – the story of how the freak folk band Holy Modal Rounders first got together.

3’15, 2015


Last Words (Yuwen Xue, UK)

Last Words, Yuwen Xue, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA moving portrait of several terminal patients’ last words in a hospice. 

3’25, 2015


Arlene (Farouq Suleiman, UK)

Arlene, Farouq Suleiman, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalArlene Garrison collapsed with a brain tumour in London 2006. Following an operation to remove it, Arlene woke up to a very different world.

7’30, 2015


What is Animation? (Martin Pickles, UK)

What is Animation? Martin Pickles, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalVeteran British animator Bob Godfrey answers the question “What Is Animation?” in his typically witty, iconoclastic and insightful way.

2’45, 2014


Hora (Yoav Brill, Israel)

Hora, Yoav Brill, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe habit of hand-holding among gay and straight men in downtown Tel Aviv.

9’00, 2014


Table d’hote (Alexandra Levasseur, Canada)

Table d'hote, Alexandra Levasseur, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA subtle & brutal indictment of meat production/consumption is explored in an unconventionally abstract approach to documentary.

2’15, 2014


Still Born (Asa Sandzen, Sweden)

Still Born, Asa Sandzen, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA pregnant woman is forced to decide the fate of a child with a deformed heart. She prepares for delivery, but is that even possible? The heartache of longing for a child but losing her at birth.

10’00, 2014

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Django’s Hand (Drew Christie, USA)

Django's Hand, Drew Christie, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe story of Django Reinhardt, the inventor of gypsy jazz.

1’15, 2015