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LIAF 2015: Netherlands Institute of Animated Film (NIAf) Tribute + Q&A (15)

December 5, 2015
3:00 pm

The Netherlands Institute of Animated Film (NIAf) is – or was – an utterly unique organisation. Officially opened in September 1993, NIAF was a curious hybrid, intensely focused on supporting animation as an art form through a number of different activities.

At its core, however, was its focus on facilitating the production of short, auteur, animated films. This was its unshakable central mission. From the beginning, it set out to achieve this by becoming something that could perhaps be best described as a kind of school without a curriculum.

This programme is a spellbinding retrospective of highlights from the vaults of NIAF which was forced to close recently after 20 years of nurturing a generation of outstanding Dutch filmmakers. All the more reason to join us and NIAF Animators: Sjaak Rood (Coffee), Digna van der Put (Parade), Kris Genijn (History of Pets) and the main man himself – Ton Crone, who valiantly grabbed the NIAf baton and held it for twenty years!

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Sientje (Christa Moesker, Netherlands)

Sientje, Christa Moesker, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalEar-splitting, wall punching, bed wrecking, teddy stomping, volcanic anger – and then the mood changes.

4’30, 1997

Jazzimation (Oerd Van Cuijlenborg, Netherlands)

Jazzimation, Oerd Van Cuijlenborg, LIAF, London InternationaL Animation FestivalA dreamlike jazz piano experience in which the spectator is forced to look with the ears and listen with the eyes

4’40, 1999

Stiltwalkers (Sjaak Meilink, Netherlands)

Stiltwalkers, Sjaak Meilink, LIAF, Londomn International Animation FestivalAmongst the shallows, a strange tribe silently arrives and proves themselves perfectly adapted for the shared environment.

12’50, 2002

Freaky (Mirjam Broekema, Netherlands)

Freaky, Mirjam Broekema, LIAF, London International Animation Festival“Kill The Boy”! Ah, the hilariously hypnotic power of television.

0’50, 2004

Hetrozychoot (Jeroen Hoekstra, Netherlands)

Hetrozychoot, Jeroen Hoekstra, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe amoebas are bustin’ out some moves – but there’s some massive micro jealously in the air tonight.

1’00, 2004

Shipwrecked (Frodo Kuipers, Netherlands)

Shipwrecked, Frodo Kuipers, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA manic mini-epic that pits two crazed and starved individuals against each other as they desperately seek out what is most valuable to them.

5’15, 2005

Family Affairs (Paulien Bekker, Netherlands)

Family Affairs, Paulien Bekker, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe product of a workshop lead by the legendary Phil Mulloy and complete with an experimental narration charting (apparently) one man’s quiet passion for his mother-in-law.

4’40, 2007

Jazzed (Anton Setola, Netherlands)

Jazzed, Anton Setola, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalDeep in the seedy heart of the jazz district, things are jumpin’ and they are only going to get wilder as the night progresses.

4’45, 2008

(Ego) (Leevi Lehtinen, Netherlands)

(Ego), Leevi Lehtinen, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalPull the camera back and a house of horrors is revealed; room upon room of quiet desperation looking for a voice. And yet, there are options aplenty.

9’50, 2011

Coffee (Sjaak Rood, Netherlands)

Coffee, Koffie, Sjaak Rood, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalAn over-caffeinated ballet of hyper-activity, brown in the centre with a good strong crema around the outside.

4’00, 2012

History Of Pets (Kris Genijn, Netherlands)

History of Pets, Kris Genijn, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA prolonged dissection of one family’s speckled history of looking after a menagerie of fluffy and feathered domestic fauna.

3’55, 2013

Parade (Digna van der Put, Netherlands)

Parade, Digna van der Put, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalSix brassband flute players are going through the landscape of an uniform.

2015, 4’05