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LIAF 2016: Edge of Frame – Journeys into Experimental Animation 1

December 10, 2016
11:30 am

Part of the day-long Journeys into Experimental Animation programme at Whitechapel Gallery. One ticket gets you access to all three Journeys!

LIAF 2016 is very proud to partner with Edwin Rostron and Animate Projects on 6 expansive screenings and seminars devoted to championing experimental animation for The Edge of Frame Weekend, taking place at Whitechapel Gallery and Close-Up Cinema on 9th – 11th December.

A special day-long screening event, celebrating the vibrant field of experimental animation. From bold personal visions to intricate and visually stunning formal experiments, this expansive screening programme mixes contemporary animation by British and international artists with classic and rarely seen historical works. Showcasing animation at the cutting edge of moving image practice, the programme reveals connections and threads running through the many forms of experimental animation

Journeys into Experimental Animation features three screening programmes of international artists’ animation. Two of these are curated by Edwin Rostron of Edge of Frame, and one is a special guest-curated programme from Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart, co-directors of Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. Alexander and Edwin will introduce the programmes and a number of the filmmakers will be present.

Journey 1 is curated by Edwin Rostron (Edge of Frame). A selection of intricately constructed animations charting the multi-layered spaces we exist within, at once inside our heads and outside our bodies; social, psychological and geographical. These overlapping planes of experience are brought to vivid life through these unexpected and exhilarating visions, showing the dynamic potential of animation as an art form. Click on the links to find out about Journey 2 and Journey 3.

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Mind Frame (Jake Fried, USA)

Mind Frame, Jake Fried, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalHand-drawn animation with ink, white-out and coffee.

1’00, 2016

Save Me (Stuart Hilton, UK)

Found messages, notes and doodles are blended with manipulated footage and appropriated domestic sounds to create a semi-abstract mixed media film that attempts to explore everyday perils through the partial disclosure of a fantastic event.

6’10, 1994

Eaves Apart (Sebastian Buerkner, UK)

A kinetic journey on the 38 night-bus; a brilliantly coloured collage of overheard conversations, transitory sights, crowds, rain-lashed windows.

4’55, 2015

The Poetry Winner (Jennifer Levonian, USA)

The Poetry Winner, Jennifer Levonian, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThis animated film is based on an epiphany in a college student’s life. The semester has ended and it’s time to go home for the summer and deal with parental meddling vs. self-actualization.

7’30, 2012

Enough to Drive You Mad (Karen Yasinsky, USA)

Enough to Drive You Mad, Karen Yasinsky, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalAn automatic, careening response to a still from Robert Bresson’s film Au Hasard Balthazar.

3’00, 2009

Lazy Daze (Brian Smee, USA)

Lazy Daze, Brian Smee, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalDog in the land where the good life takes you.

4’00, 2016

Velocity (Karolina Glusiec, UK)

I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you.

5’53, 2012

Jukebox (Run Wrake, UK)

‘Two years in five minutes… How old are you?’ Employing a montage of xeroxed images, paintings and sound, Jukebox is a personal journey through fragmented experience.

4’55, 1994

Nightclub (Jonathan Hodgson, UK)

Nightclub, Jonathan Hodgson, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalBased on sketches made in Liverpool drinking clubs. The film observes human behaviour in a social situation, hinting at the loneliness felt by the individual lost in the crowd.

6’02, 1983

Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was (Laura Harrison, USA)

Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was, Laura Harrison, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalAn unhinged artist goes berserk at a barbeque and lands herself in prison where she is finally given a sympathetic audience to the story she tells about her Forever Wolf art.

16’02, 2016

GREEN | RED (Peter Burr, USA)

GREEN | RED, Peter Burr, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalOur eyes flicker to life and we’re thrown into a shape-shifting world where the sidewalks are endless, the radio is playing electric and the night-sky’s broken open by a cataclysm of shuddering stars. Here we channel The Zone in a flow of primordial color, space and decay.

10’00, 2014

Such a Good Place to Die (Onohana, Japan)

Landscapes moving like living beings. A flow of forms in constant change. In this landscape animation, all forms of memories are dancing.

3’13, 2015