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LIAF 2018: Estonian Animation: A Centenary Celebration

December 7, 2018
9:00 pm

The first part of our Estonian animation evening  – The Mad, Bad Anthropomorphic world of Chintis Lundgren screens before this one at 19:30. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £12 + booking fee.

In co-operation with the Embassy of Estonia

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Estonia is a small nation of 1.3 million people nestled at the top of the Baltic group of nations, with Russia on one side and Finland just a short boat journey across the Baltic Sea on the other. This paradoxical geographic position on the cusp of East and West is reflected in the unique animation that has flowed from Estonia’s two animation studios: Nukufilm, a studio specialising in puppet animation; and Eesti Joonisfilm, which concentrates predominantly on drawn animation. Other than the children’s films produced to fill government quotas (and to pay the bills), most Estonian animated films plumb extraordinary depths in their exploration of some of mankind’s most elemental issues, fears and desires. At the same time, many are intricately coded political dissertations.

LIAF is very proud to celebrate the centenary of Estonian animation with this very special programme featuring some of the masters of Estonian animation alongside the new generation of youngsters currently making a name for themselves on the international film festival scene.

At The Horse Hospital book tickets

The Mad, Bad Anthropomorphic World of Chintis Lundgren and Estonian Animation: A Centenary Celebration book tickets

Nail (Heino Pars, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Nail, Heino ParsAn exceptional display of fluid, graceful, stop-motion animation. Four short comical stories dealing with seduction, betrayal, drunkenness, and death.

1972, 9min

Some Exercises in Preparation of an Independent Life (Priit Parn, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Some Exercises in Preparation of an Independent Life, Priit ParnA sometimes harsh, sometimes goofy look at the routines that give our lives form.

1980, 9min

The Living Room (Rao Heidmets, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, The Living Room, Rao HeidmetsA young girl is trapped in an ambiguous relationship with an old man. To escape she physically erases her world, replacing it with a new one, a better world.

1994, 10min

Mont Blanc (Priit Tender, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Mont Blanc, Priit TenderAn aging man leaves his wife and sets off on his way to Fujiyama, the mountain of his dreams.

2001, 11min

The Dress (Girlin Bassovskaja, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, The Dress, Girlin BassovskajaDedicated to Marie Antoinette and housewives everywhere – a woman looks back at the highlights of her life.

2007, 6min

In the Air (Martinus Klemet, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, In the Air, Martinus KlemetA miscommunication between the wolf and the humans leads to a sudden shift in the laws of gravity.

2009, 9min

Body Memory (Ülo Pikkov, Estonia)

Body Memory, Ülo Pikkov, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalMany memories dangle by the finest of threads, which are being pulled by forces out of sight and out of control.

2011, 9min

On the other side of the Woods (Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, On the other side of the Woods, Anu-Laura TuttelbergA girl made of clay comes to life. In a wildly overgrown house, she meets a wolf and an even worse monster: time.

2014, 10min

Piano (Kaspar Jancis, Estonia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Piano, Kaspar JancisMarta hauls a piano home from a used music shop. She almost succeeds. Albert tries for the thirtieth year to tell Paula that he loves her. He almost succeeds. Paula wants to respond to Albert in the same vein. She almost succeeds.

2015, 10min