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LIAF 2019: Edge of Frame presents – Surface Memory

December 8, 2019
6:00 pm

Following the sell-out success of our partnership with Edge of Frame at our last three festivals, EOF return with four curated programmes of work at the intersection of animation, experimental film and artists’ moving image. Specially curated by Edwin Rostron- the London-based artist, animator, writer, curator, editor of Edge of Frame blog and festival juror these programmes celebrate this incredibly rich and vibrant, yet often marginalised and hard to define art form.

A programme of five recent works which share a concern with ideas of the surface in relation to the moving image, from the film negative to the computer screen, though each approaches the theme in markedly different ways. Covering considerable ground both geographically and formally, the works utilise film (Super8, 16mm and 35mm) and digital formats, often combining elements of the two to captivating effect. Beyond their often quite startling formal qualities these works delve into rich personal and social histories, spiritual quests and conceptual enquiries. From Hackney to Hong Kong, and from entrancing flicker to meditative spaces, these works offer a dynamic vision of contemporary practice.

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With an introduction by curator Edwin Rostron and filmmaker Q&A

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E-Ticket (Simon Liu, Hong Kong/USA/UK)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, E-Ticket, Simon LiuA film sixteen thousand splices in the making. 35mm photo negatives and moving pictures are obsessively cut apart, reshuffled then tape spliced together inch by inch in rigid increments.

2019, 13min

A Ghost Eats Mud on the Mountain (Richard Forbes-Hamilton, UK)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, A Ghost Eats Mud on the Mountain, Richard Forbes-HamiltonAn abstract journey set against a backdrop of spaces in Hong Kong. Created utilising a combination of still photography and digital animation techniques.

2018, 27min

Please Step Out Of The Frame (Karissa Hahn, USA)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Please Step Out Of The Frame, Karissa HahnUsing Super 8, a desk, and a laptop to create a playful and thoughtful visual study of the “frame-within-frame” concept and the choreography between body and screen.

2018, 4min

PHX [X is for Xylonite] (Frances Scott, UK)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, PHX, X is for Xylonite, Frances ScottAn exploration of the history and usage of plastic. Three-dimensional animations, distorted vocal recordings and the words of Roland Barthes connect the founding of the first plastics factory in 1866 and the development of cellulose nitrate, a key element in the creation of film stock.

2019, 13min

Re-vue (Dirk de Bruyn, Australia)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Re-vue, Dirk de BruynA flicker-fest lamenting a lost relationship with narrative cinema, by which it is forever marked.

2017, 6min