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LIAF 2019: International Competition Programme 3 – Playing with Emotion (18*)

November 30, 2019
8:45 pm

The backbone of the whole LIAF mission. We’ve emerged from under the pile of more than 2,600 entries to put together a series of screenings that showcase the best 85 new films from every corner of the world. The one thing they have in common is that we think they’re the pick of the crop. This is your annual window into the international indie animation universe.

This programme takes a look at all aspects of emotion – love, hate, jealousy, sensuality, melancholy, anxiety and confusion and everything in between. Subjects range from a betrayed wife investigating her husbands mistresses, a girls online dating quest in search of love, an achingly beautiful love-story set in 1950’s Italy, a true crime story about Little Red Riding Hood and themes include social media, hipster culture, speed dating and cyber love.

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Fridge (Eugene Kolb, USA)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Fridge, Eugene KolbA woman is overcome by her carnivorous desires.

2019, 3min


Entropia (Flora Anna Buda, Hungary)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Entropia, Flora Anna BudaThree parallel universes, three girls living in different circumstances. A glitch in the system causes the universes to collapse.

2019, 10min

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Alba’s Memories (Maria Steinmetz & Andrea Martignoni, Italy/Germany)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Alba's Memories, Maria Steinmetz, Andrea MartignoniA heartfelt story from the perspective of an elderly woman about the beginnings of a relationship and a youthful infatuation.

2019, 6min

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Per Tutta la Vita (Roberto Catani, France/Italy)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Per Tutta la Vita, Roberto CataniDuring a journey to the origins of their memory, a woman and a man retrace the most important moments of their story of love.

2018, 5min

Girl in the Hallway (Valerie Barnhart, Canada)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Girl in the Hallway, Valerie BarnhartWhy does ‘Little Red Riding hood’ give Jamie nightmares? It’s been 15 years, and the girl in the hallway haunts him still.

2018, 10min

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Memorable (Bruno Collet, France)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Memorable, Bruno ColletRecently Louis, a painter, and his wife have been experiencing strange events. The world around them seems to be mutating – objects and people are losing their realism.

2019, 12min

Symbiosis (Nadja Andrasev, France/Hungary)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Symbiosis, Nadja AndrasevA betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity.

2019, 13min

Emily (Marlies van der Wel, Netherlands)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Emily, Marlies van der WelLooking back at her lifetime devoted to a botanical life, Emily reminisces about the people she’s met and the choices she’s made.

2018, 8min

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#21xoxo (Sine Özbilge & Imge Ozbilge, Belgium)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, #21xoxo, Sine Özbilge, Imge OzbilgeA girl’s online search for love in times of social media, speed dating, cyberlove, hipster culture and post-net attitudes.

2019, 10min

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