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LIAF 2020: Edge of Frame presents a trilogy of films by Karolina Glusiec

December 2, 2020
6:00 pm

Following the sell-out success of our partnership with Edge of Frame at our last four festivals, EOF return with three curated programmes of work at the intersection of animation, experimental film and artists’ moving image.

Specially curated by Edwin Rostron – the London-based artist, animator, writer, curator, editor of Edge of Frame blog and festival juror these programmes celebrate this incredibly rich and vibrant, yet often marginalised and hard to define art form. Here we bring you the UK premiere of a trilogy of films by the talented artist Karolina Glusiec.

“Imagine you can accomplish everything you always dreamed of. What if all that you always dreamed of is… failing. I can only speak for myself. Something that I dream of sometimes is the thing I’m afraid of the most. Like dreaming of driving and having the fear that held me against doing it for years. What I intended to be a structured narrative became a film in the shape of a lost broadcast. Each image that I made was a sort of a goodbye to each and every single dream it resonated with. Dreams of my own and dreams of the others who inspired me to chase after”

Karolina Glusiec

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Instrument (The Instrument) (Karolina Glusiec, UK/Poland/USA/Canada/France)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Dureń, Instrument, Karolina Glusiec
“The Instrument is an ode to listening to music as is and thinking of nothing at all. Not thinking at all. Absolutely nothing”. – KG

2013-2020, 22min

Dureń (The Fool) (Karolina Glusiec, UK/Poland/USA/Canada/France)

“The Fool is the second film – on dreaming and failing. Dureń – which is the original title- also equals the card game of Durak. “The Fool” could be summarised as a film that became a contradiction of what it was meant to be and at the same time everything I always wanted it to be”. – KG

2013-2020, 38min

Krajobraz (The Landscape) (Karolina Glusiec, UK/Poland/USA/Canada/France)

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Krajobraz, The Landscape, Karolina Glusiec“The landscape is a film on moving, being held and being placed in places and in between places. There is no explanation on the story behind it. There is no deeper thought or symbolism behind it. Like driving, listening to the music and looking at the landscape. All passes by”. – KG

2013-2020, 4min

Director’s Biography

Karolina is a visual artist working mainly across animated and DIY film media, inspired by ways of seeing and ways of remembering, and a frequent collaborator in projects inspired by and rooted in music. Karolina is a visiting and faculty member lecturer in drawing and animation examining various ways of image-memorising and perception. She is currently working on a PhD thesis proposal on material and non-material memories in communication. Karolina’s work has screened widely at festivals and galleries around the world, winning prizes at Ann Arbor Festival, Vienna Independent Shorts Festival as well as the 2012 Jerwood Drawing Prize.