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LIAF 2020: What’s On

LIAF, London International Animation Festival, LIAF2020LIAF 2020 is on it’s way! This year we’ll be at our at regular venue the Barbican and ONLINE, bringing the best in animation direct to your homes. Everything you love about LIAF is being transformed into a virtual version; screenings, industry panels, filmmaker introductions and talks. Click on the links below to discover synopses, stills and trailers from this years’ festival.

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Fri 27 Nov 17:55 Opening Night Gala feat. Female Figures – Growing Up + Screentalk
20:00 International Competition Programme 1: Abstract Showcase
Sat 28 Nov 11:30 Framed Film Club: Amazing Animations for 0-7 year olds
18:00 British Showcase
20:00 International Competition Programme 2: From Absurd to Zany
Sun 29 Nov 14:30 Marvellous Animations for 8-15 year olds
17:00 Edge of Frame presents: Circumstantial Pleasures + pre-recorded ScreenTalk
19:00 International Competition Programme 3: Playing with Emotion
Mon 30 Nov 18:10 Kill it and Leave This Town, UK Premiere
  20:00 International Competition Programme 4: Being Human
Tue 1 Dec 18:00 Edge of Frame presents: States of Emergency
20:00 International Competition Programme 5: Into the Dark
Wed 2 Dec 18:00 Edge of Frame presents: a trilogy of films by Karolina Glusiec
20:00 International Competition Programme 6: Animated Documentaries
Thu 3 Dec 18:00 International Competition Programme 7 : Looking for Answers
20:00 International Competition Programme 8 : Long Shorts
Fri 4 Dec 18:00 Best of the Next Programme 1
20:00 Best of the Next Programme 2
22:00 Late Night Bizarre
Sat 5 Dec 12:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 1 – Animation Out in the Open: Animation In Real Time Events
14:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 2 – Animation Online and On Time
19:00 Music Video Session
 Sun 6 Dec 12:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 3 – Comparing the Meerkat!
14:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 4 – 1500 Frames That Changed Me Forever
17:25 Closing Gala: The Best of the Fest