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LIAF 2021: International Competition Programme 5 – Into the Dark

November 30, 2021
6:30 pm
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International Competition Programme 5 - Into the Dark, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalWelcome to our annual deep-dive into the dark heart of animation. Here you will find films of ghosts, scary deceased dogs, insane monkeys, the horror of war and themes of revenge, suffering, and apprehension. Step in, take a seat, let’s turn out the light and get ready for our annual showcase of all manner of dark, creepy, violent and spooky films.

Independent animation is an art form that continues to thrive and develop as a breathtaking medley of styles, materials, techniques and production – from hand-drawn, paint on glass, collage, sculpture, cut-outs, puppets, abstract to some of the more interesting developments in CGI – all of which can be seen at this year’s LIAF.

We’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,400 entries to put together a series of screenings that showcase the best 80 new films from every corner of the world. They can be funny, dramatic, bizarre, subdued, scary or autobiographical. The one thing they have in common is that we think they’re the pick of the crop.

Eight international competition programmes. Every technique, every genre, every style – this is your annual window into the international indie animation universe.

Steakhouse – Spela Cadez, Slovenia/Germany/France

Steakhouse, Spela Cadez, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalThe steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?

2020 9 min

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Dad is Gone – Pere Ginard, Spain

Dad is Gone, Pere Ginard, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalDad is Gone. Dad is Ghost. Dad is a Thing… spinning on its own skin.

2020 4 min

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Ghost Dogs – Joe Cappa, USA

Ghost Dogs, Joe Cappa, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA family’s new rescue pup is terrorised by deceased pets.

2020 11 min

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Hide – Daniel Benjamin Gray, Hungary/Canada

Hide, Daniel Benjamin Gray, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalTwo brothers entertain themselves with a game of hide and seek. As one counts, the other hides in a small cabinet. Seconds pass… then minutes… years… and decades.

2020 11 min

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Cut it Out – Inez Kristina, Denmark

Cut it Out, Inez Kristina, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalTara attempts to defuse a bomb in a school leading to a surrealistic situation she has to escape from.

2021 7 min

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Something in the Garden – Marcos Sanchez, Chile

Something in the Garden, Marcos Sanchez, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA journey to the depths of the neighbour’s backyard.

2021 6 min

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Memento Mori – Paul O’Flanagan, Ireland

Memento Mori, Paul O'Flanagan, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA post-mortem photographer receives his latest subject, a recently deceased young woman.

2021 9 min

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Night Bus – Joe Hsieh, Taiwan

Night Bus, Joe Hsieh, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA tale of love, hatred and vengeance featuring a speedy bus, a stolen necklace and monkeys.

2020 20 min

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Clara with a Mustache – Ilir Blakcori, Kosovo

Clara with a Mustache, Ilir Blakcori, LIAF, London International Animation FestivalA 100 deutsche mark banknote with a beautiful portrait of Clara Schumann – travelling from one person to another, unveiling their stories and perspectives.

2021 10 min

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