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LIAF 2021: What’s On

LIAF, London International Animation FestivalLIAF 2021 is on it’s way and fully hybrid! This year we’ll be at our at regular venues: the Barbican, The Horse Hospital and Close-Up plus at two new venues: Hackney Picturehouse and The Puppet Theatre Barge. Most of our programmes will also be available ONLINE, bringing the best animation, direct to your homes. Click on the links below to discover synopses, stills and trailers from this years’ festival.

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ONLINE, The Horse Hospital, Close-Up Cinema, Hackney Picurehouse and Puppet Theatre Barge tickets available soon!

Fri 26 Nov 15:00 Edge of Frame presents Fvoom! The Animated Films of Robert Breer
18:20 Opening Night: Figures in Focus – Up Yours! + Screentalk
20:40 British Showcase + Filmmaker Introductions
 Sat 27 Nov 11:00 Framed Film Club – Amazing Animations for 0-7 Year-Olds
15:00 Edge of Frame presents After Images + Screentalk
18:00 The Wondrous Realities of Andrew and Eden Kötting + Screentalk Moderated by Gareth Evans
21:00 International Competition Programme 1: Abstract Showcase
Sun 28 Nov 14:00 Marvellous Animations for 8-14 Year-Olds
18:30 International Competition Programme 2: From Absurd to Zany
  20:30 International Competition Programme 3: Playing with Emotion
Mon 29 Nov 18:20 BFI Japan 2021: Junk Head (Takahide Hori, Japan) LONDON PREMIERE
21:00 International Competition Programme 4: Being Human
Tue 30 Nov 18:30 International Competition Programme 5: Into the Dark
20:30 International Competition Programme 6: Animated Documentaries + Screentalk
 Wed 1 Dec 18:30 International Competition Programme 7: Looking For Answers
20:30 International Competition Programme 8 : Long Shorts
Thu 2 Dec 19:30 Best of the Next Programme 1
21:00 Best of the Next Programme 2
 Fri 3 Dec 18:00 Meet the Finalists! The 2022 Arts Foundation Futures Award for Animation
20:00 BFI JAPAN 2021: Atsushi Wada – A Jolt to the Subconscious
21:30 BFI Japan 2021: Into the Unknown – The Trippy Worlds of Indie Japanese Animation
 Sat 4 Dec 11:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 1: LIAF, Death and Robots
  13:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 2: State of the ‘mation: Music videos in the 2020s
13:00 Drawing Moments – Atsushi Wada & Sarina Nihei Screentalk
14:00 Shaun the Sheep: the Flight before Christmas + Screentalk WORLD PREMIERE
15:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 3: Disability in Animation – are you hiring and if not why not?
17:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 4: Funding and where to find it
  20:00 Music Video Session
21:30 Late Night Bizarre
  Sun 5 Dec 11:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 5: Animation in Real time: the rise of the engines
13:00 UK Animation Industry Event Session 6: Hey Teacher! Leave them kids alone: teaching kids with animation
13:00 Joseph Wallace: Dark Dreams and Musical Oddities + Screentalk
17:30 Closing Gala – The Best of the Fest