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LIAF 2021: Trailer – Behind the Scenes

Each year the talented students from the animation course at the National Film & Television School make the LIAF festival trailers, and this year Ross Stringer and his team have captured the spirit of the festival with his delightful clip.

They will be seen on the big screen at all venues and before our online screenings, but here is your chance to see them before anyone else.

A huge thank you to Robert Bradbrook and Rebecca Havers for helping to co-ordinate this project and a massive thank you to all the students involved.

Ross was kind enough to tell us about the process of making the trailer. Here’s what he had to say…

LIAF, London International Animation FestivalI wanted the trailer to capture what film festivals really mean to me; that is, the incredible feeling I get from meeting with others who share my keen interest in animation. Last year a lot of us missed out on events like LIAF, so I wanted to express my excitement for finally being able to come together and watch films in person.

We spent two full days shooting in London, it was a lot of fun and a lot of legwork. The letters were made out of cardboard retrieved from the recycling bin, and pieced together with a healthy amount of gaffer tape and papier-mâché, then painted over in white. Saturday was spent on the one shot that tracks up Primrose Hill. A frame would be photographed, the whole crew would walk back roughly 7-10 steps, we’d line everyone up properly in frame by measuring the distance with string, pose the actors, and then we’d take the next frame. To add to the confusion, it was near impossible for the actors to hear or see anything, so everything I directed had to be relayed through Martina, Maria and Farooq, who were my assistants that day. I think we were lucky to have finished before we lost the sunlight.

I owe a massive thank you to Lisa Kenney, Amy Fitzpatrick, Rich Farris and Flavia Megna for being very patient and being brilliant animators/puppets. Pixilation is a lot of fun and we did plenty of playing around, but it can be hard on your actors when standing in poses for prolonged periods of time. After everyone settled in we started getting used to the questions, reactions and laughs from the people in the streets – it was really enjoyable to get so much of a reaction.

Samuel Read, our composer, and Simon Panayi, our sound designer, worked hard in a very short space of time to get the sound to a point where it conveyed both the busy spirit of London and the upbeat theme of the trailer.

Making this trailer was a great experience, and I got to bring together some really wonderful people that helped bring it to life.

And here’s a Behind the Scenes video of the process.