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LIAF: Schedule

LIAF 2016: Narrative Contexts in Animation & Architecture

December 1, 2016
6:30 pm
LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Narrative Contexts: In Animation & Architecture is a warm-up event for LIAF 2016 The Bank Gallery, Central House where a panel of authors, animators and architects will be discussing the significance of 'context' on shaping the development of visual cultural narratives in animation and architectural space, and the crossover between the two disciplines. The event will ...

LIAF 2016: Opening Night Gala + The warped, wonderful and terrifying world of Chris Shepherd Q&A (15)

December 2, 2016
6:30 pm
Johnno’s Dead, Chris Shepherd, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Help us celebrate the opening of LIAF 2016 with a cracking selection of highlights from right across the festival programme. We’ll take some of the hottest films from competition, mix them with some gems from the specially curated programmes and give you a chance to meet some special festival guests. This is the essential LIAF showbag to whet your ...

LIAF 2016: British Showcase (15)

December 2, 2016
9:00 pm
A Little Grey, Steve Smith, Simon Hewitt, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

A comprehensive screening of the very best recently released British animation, including several world premieres. Check the pulse of the British animation scene, meet many of the filmmakers and see the films that will take British animation to the world. This is an exceptional opportunity to see what British animators are doing, how they’re doing ...

LIAF 2016: Framed Film Club – Amazing Animations (U)

December 3, 2016
11:00 am
Rain or Shine, Felix Massie, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Like childhood, animation is full of wonder and simple pleasures. This carefully chosen programme for our littlest and most special audience delivers a programme of wonderful films, full of joy. There’ll be talking animals, seriously fun adventures, and tales that spark all those little imaginations. Adults are allowed in if they have permission from their ...

LIAF 2016: Classic Disney Shorts (PG)

December 3, 2016
2:00 pm
The Flying Mouse, David Hand, LIAF, London International Animation Festival, Disney

The classic animation that poured from the Walt Disney Studio during the 1930s and 1940s defined the very history of animation. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other Disney characters endure to this day and the way Disney made them move was a revelation to audiences of all ages. LIAF is proud to be able to ...

LIAF 2016: Abstract Showcase (15)

December 3, 2016
5:00 pm
Jazz Orgie, Irina Rubina, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Our annual survey of abstract and experimental animation. Animators working in this field employ every technique from hand-drawn ‘musical scores’ all the way across the scale to high definition, computer assisted image making. In common, these films share a pure love of animated movement and an artist’s eye for filling the screen, harnessing colour and ...