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About LIAF

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The London International Animation Festival proudly showcases the whole spectrum of creative animation, showing that animation is for everyone...

Founded in 2003, LIAF aims to dispel the popular misconception that animation is just cartoons for kids by screening the broadest possible range of intelligent, entertaining and provocative current films on offer from all around the world as well as retrospectives and specialised sessions from countries and animators who don't normally elicit such attention.

Our annual 10-day Festival includes gala premieres, retrospectives, Q&A's with filmmakers, workshops, audience voting, and the Best of the Festival screening. LIAF has grown to become much more than an annual Festival – we are programming more events, tours, screenings and masterclasses all year-round to as many cities and countries that invite us. LIAF strives to be the best, and we do so with a very small, very dedicated staff.

The London International Animation Festival is a member of the Alliance of British Animation Exhibitors, promoting UK talent through curated screenings at home and overseas to increase the visibility and recognition of UK animation talent.

If you'd like to find out more about LIAF including information about our film content, venues, audience, publicity and much more, please download our 'About LIAF' Brochure (2.3MB PDF).

If you are passionate about the richly nuanced cultural experiences which the Festival so consistently provides, please consider becoming a LIAF Member, Benefactor or Partner to help us continue to run the best Animation Festival in the UK.