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‘The Bug Trainer’ – Ladislas Starewicz, The Pioneer of Puppet Animation – Nag Vladermersky

The Bug Trainer

Ladislas Starewicz (1882-1965), Europe’s answer to Disney and a pioneer of puppet animation, is one of the most forgotten film geniuses. ‘The Bug Trainer’, an amazing 53-minute feature, directed by Rasa Miskinyte explores Starewicz’s creative ideas and concepts of his work, along with opinions from film critics and other animation directors to help us understand […]

Scratch Animation – by Steven Woloshen

Steven Woloshen

To help us explore this technique, we invited one of the best living ‘direct’ animators, Canada’s Steven Woloshen, to be our guest at LIAF 2010. Steven hosted a sell-out two day Masterclass and Workshop where he demonstrated to participants the skills required to make their own animation.

When I was 12 years old, my little suburb […]

Sand Animation – Nag Vladermersky’s Introduction to LIAF 2009 Technique Focus

Sand animation? Literally creating animated films one frame at a time by manipulating images with sand – or coloured salt, coffee or a range of other powders. Each year LIAF takes a look at a particular way of creating animated films and this year’s ‘TECHNIQUE FOCUS’ has its origins in a major festival of sand […]

New Croatian Cinema – Malcolm Turner on LIAF 2009 Programme

Croatia has an enviable record in the world of creative animation. But the production of animated film there follows the travails of the extraordinary political history of the region. The mid 1950’s through the 1960’s were roundly regarded as animating golden age in Croatia and some of the finest films from that era are featured […]

Jonathan Hodgson by Nag Vladermersky

London based animation director Jonathan Hodgson has been making award winning animated films since the early 1980s and is probably best known for his BAFTA winning adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s poem ‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’. As well as making short films he has made a name for himself as a commercials director and […]

Felix The Cat – Colin Cowles on LIAF’s 2010 Programme

Felix The Cat

Ninety years after our little metamorphic friend was created he still keeps on walking and, despite various attempts to re-create him with colour and sound, the original cartoons, with their flat perspective and at times crude animation, has never been surpassed.

Why not? Because they are inventive and demand attention. They capitalise on the visual image […]