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An important part of the LIAF Grand Master Plan is to develop a significant and valuable library of animation-related resource materials.

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Felix The Cat – Colin Cowles on LIAF’s 2010 Programme

Felix The Cat

Ninety years after our little metamorphic friend was created he still keeps on walking and, despite various attempts to re-create him with colour and sound, the original cartoons, with their flat perspective and at times crude animation, has never been surpassed. Why not? Because they are inventive and demand attention. They capitalise on the visual image ...

Animose and Russian Animation – Irina Goundortseva

Image credit: Maria Muat

The history of Russian puppet animation dates back to the 1900s when a bored public servant named Vladislav Starevich decided to take his amateur hobby of entomology a step further. Using his extensive bug collection he dived into filmmaking. His first five-minute film "Wonderful Lukanida or the Battle of the Whiskered Versus the Horned" premiered in ...

A Brief History of Swiss Animation by Rolf Baechler (Rolf Baechler’s Introduction to LIAF 2008 Country of Focus; Switzerland)

Image credit: ‘Animatou’ (R Andreani, C Barras, D Delachaux-Lambert, G Schwizgebel & C Luyet, 2007)

To commemorate its 20th anniversary in 1988, the Swiss Animated Film Group (ASIFA Switzerland) published a book, treating historical and contemporary aspects of the animated Swiss cinema. Roland Cosandey, film historian, animation scholar and author of many publications on Swiss animation, opened the anthology with a provocative statement: "There is no such thing as a Swiss ...