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LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner on Quickdraw Animation Society 30th


Hotel Awesome, Lasagne With A 100% Chance Of Meatballs & No Place Like Home LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner on his visit to Quickdraw Animation Society, which morphed into two incredible programmes celebrating 30 years: QAS 30th Anniversary: Impact and QAS 30th Anniversary: Retrospective Dateline, Calgary, September 14th, 2013. Walking through the door of the Quickdraw Animation Society - for ...

3 Days in Paris by Malcolm Turner

3 Days in Paris, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

LIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner shares his 3 days in Paris... 3 Days in Paris - New programme 3 Days in Paris - Historical programme I’m a city lovin’ guy that doesn’t really like cities that much. I love wide open spaces but I hate the fact that there is nothing in them. As habitats, cities offer their inmates ...

An appreciation of Steven Woloshen by Janet Blatter


Steven Woloshen is an award-winning Montreal-based cameraless animator who has been making animated films since the late ‘70’s. He studied film at Concordia University, where he initially made documentaries and collage films, but the freedom and accessibility of cameraless animation won him over. Woloshen is heavily inspired by music, particularly jazz, and has made numerous ...

LIAF 2014 The Horse Hospital is here!


LIAF 2014 arrives at The Horse Hospital! You can now book your tickets for our Horse Hospital screenings. This year we're bringing you: UK premiere feature-length animations; International Student Festivals (within a Festival); we celebrate with the 30th Quickdrawn Animation Society Anniversary; A New Wave of German Filmmaking... and of course, our trusty audience favourites - Music ...

LIAF 2014 Barbican Events


LIAF 2014 Barbican programmes are here! You can book your tickets online now for the 11th rendition of our annual 10-day animation extravaganza. We'll also have lots more programmes at The Horse Hospital and Rio Cinema and details for those will be released very, very soon. So in the meantime, below you'll find a quick ...

LIAF 2014 Andreas Hykade Retrospective + Q & A

October 30, 2014
9:00 pm
Ring of Fire, Andreas Hykade, LIAF, London International Animation Festival

Andreas Hykade (born 1968 in Bavaria, Germany) is one of the most talented and original voices in animation today. He studied animation at the prestigious Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg until 1995 and has since created a series of commercials, TV projects and animated films mostly for adults. Among his films are We Lived in Grass (1996, German ...