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Phil Mulloy Interview

Dead but not Buried, Mister Yakamoto, LIAF 2011, London Internatinoal Animation Festival

Phil Mulloy's new feature film 'Dead But Not Buried' is the opening film at LIAF 2011 and we're particularly proud to mention - a World Premiere. LIAF interviewed Phil  earlier on in the year. Read on to find out about this Best of Fest award winning animator.     LIAF You are often described as the enfant terrible of ...

Theodore Ushev Exhibition Sneak Peek…

Theodore Ushev Exhibition at the Barbican, LIAF, London International Animation Festival 2011

We’ve just been down to the Barbican and are very excited to report that some of  Theodore Ushev's amazing images are now up on display in the cinema foyer (Barbican, Level 2), in advance of the Festival opening on Friday. We don't want to spoil the surprise too much, so here's a 'sneak peak' image ...

‘Get Well Soon’ Trailer

Get Well Soon

‘Get Well Soon’ (Lucy Izzard, Darren Walsh, Phoebe Boswell, Matt Oxborrow, Bill Elliott, Kim Alexander, Bunch & Andrew Kelleher, 2010) Take a look at the trailer for ‘Get Well Soon’, one of the films screening in LIAF 2011 Animated Documentaries Programme. Drive-by shootings, impalings, attacks by midgets, someone even ironing their own leg! ...

‘The Wonder Hospital’ Trailer

The Wonder Hospital

‘The Wonder Hospital’ (Boemsik Shimbe Shim, 2010) Take a look at the trailer for ‘The Wonder Hospital’, one of the nine films screening in LIAF 2011 International Programme 5. In a mysterious hospital, a girl’s desire for superficial beauty leads her to something unimaginable and irreversible. USA, 11’30 The Wonder Hospital (Trailer:40sec) from Beomsik Shimbe Shim on Vimeo. Book tickets

‘Bertie Crisp’ Trailer

Bertie Crisp

‘Bertie Crisp’ (Francesca Adams, 2011) Take a look at the trailer for 'Bertie Crisp', one of the nine films screening in LIAF 2011 International Programme 5. Bertie – a put-upon half bear, half panda, lives in the permanent resident’s section of a holiday caravan park with his sociopathic rabbit wife, Grace. Grace is ...

LIAF’s First Industry Event begins tomorrow

LIAF Skillset

LIAF have been wanting to bring you an industry event for a while now, so we're very pleased to be dipping our toes into new territory and adding an extra dimension to our Festival. Skillset have joined us to organise our first Animation Industry Event and we've got all-manner of topics being covered, by special ...