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LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 8 – Long Shorts


“Calling Doctor Freud…. Doctor Freud to the Animation Department please.” Black Sheep Boy (James Molle) – where to begin? One of the things that animation as an artform is preternaturally constructed to best perform is the visualisation of the hyper-fluid post-reality displosions (yeah, not a real word – but think about it!) of dreams and nightmares in ...

LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 7 – Looking For Answers


Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Humans have always looked for answers. Before the dark, T-shirted Profits of Silicon Valley turned up and figured out a way to weaponise the inherent human desire to look for answers and try and skip all the steps between data and wisdom, there used ...

LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 6 – Animated Documentaries


Why is it so hard for so many people to believe that such a thing as an ‘animated documentary’ not just exists but is even possible? Step outside the rarefied aesthetic courtyard of your worker-day animation festival and the mention of the term ‘animated doco’ just draws blank stares; like marshmallow roof tiles, Euclidean aquatics ...

LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 5 – Into The Dark


Do you or anybody you know suffer from xylophobia? Perhaps you are more familiar with its slightly Anglicised name, hylophobia? No? Interesting, because a lot of people suffer from an irrational fear of forests and wooded areas. That being said, some level of at least heightened concern about forests is a reasonably rationale attitude. If ...

LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 4 – Being Human


Eccentric. Screwball. Inexplicable. Unreal. Curious. One-of-a-kind. Intriguing. Bizarre. Twisted. If you put Atsushi Wada into the Thesaurus, these are the results. We LOVE his films. They have a look and style all of their own but they come with their own unique inner rationality that is Wada’s and Wada’s alone. Kicking off a programme with his ...

LIAF 2020 Article: International Competition Programme 3 – Playing with Emotion


It would be fair to say that 2020 – among whatever other accolades that can be attached to it – will go down as a year that played with our emotions. Reflection is perhaps a healthier waypoint between anger and denial than – say – surrender. But it’s more complex too, requiring more of us ...