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The Festival

LIAF is a year-round celebration of animation with screenings and events UK wide. LIAF 2021, our annual festival, is the engine room of the whole kit-and-kaboodle! A 10-day comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the international indie animation scene: every style; every genre; every technique.

LIAF 2021 will take place from 26 November to 5 December and we’ll be screening online and at the Barbican, with additional programmes at The Horse Hospital and other cinemas TBC.

LIAF 2021 will include: International Competition Programmes; Abstract Animation Showcase; Animated Features; British Animation Showcase; Retrospectives; Music Videos Session; Late Night Bizarre; Masterclasses; Workshops; Special Guests; Animation Industry Events; Best of the Festival and much more. Details will be published during October.

In the meantime, take a look at our Schedule page for details of all up-and-coming LIAF events and you can be sure to be kept in the loop.