The online home of the London International Animation Festival.

Mission Statement

LIAF Brochure

The London International Animation Festival proudly supports, delivers and promotes the whole spectrum of animation, showing that animation is for everyone...

LIAF began in 2004 and has very quickly become the largest animation festival in the UK. The Festival lasts for ten days and is held at The Barbican Centre. LIAF showcases over 250 films each year, many of them UK premieres, offering Masterclasses, Q&As, competions and much more. Find out more or click on the image to left to download our Festival Brochure.

We're transforming our 10-day celebration in to a year-round conduit for animation... Animation is for everyone and we're here to shout that from the rooftops.


Our vision for this year and the immediate future is to be the central hub for animation in the UK, working with key players to support, deliver and promote animation in London, the UK and the World. Read on to find out more about some of the ways in which we will be realising it.


Supporting Animation

  • awarding software prizes.
  • bringing in more animators and industry professionals for Q&As.
  • launching and building upon our online article archive.
  • offering awards sponsored by high-profile industry players.
  • organising industry networking events.
  • providing bursaries for animators.
  • integrating moderated networking forums into our website.
  • taking British animation to international festivals.

Delivering Animation

  • London International Animation Festival becomes a year-round event.
  • touring the UK to bring the best animation to cinemas up and down the country - find out more about the latest confirmed tour dates.
  • introducing the LIAF Mini Fest to London audiences.
  • curating multiple sessions at this Summer's Animation Show at the Barbican Gallery.
  • organising dozens of other animation-based events: including live musical accompaniament to rare silent animated films.
  • screening at the biggest film festivals around the world - this year there will be LIAF screenings at Expotoons (Argentina), Animasivo (Mexico), 1st Phillipines International Film Festival, KAFF (Hungary) and IEFF (Poland).

Promoting Animation

  • excelling in the support and delivery of animation.
  • communicating with new audiences by affiliating with established organizations such as The Barbican and Skillset.
  • appealing to new audiences by offering hybrid animation/music events.
  • increasing cross-promotion with other arts festivals and organisations.
  • actively pursuing endorsements and patrons.
  • raising funds for creative promotional campaigns.
  • launching and building upon our free online animation Dailymotion channel.